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A-Wax - Unconditional Thug

A-Wax - Unconditional Thug

Record Label: Pie-Rx Recordz
Year: 2007
Genre: Rap
Bar Code: 85546192522
Catalog #: BPG-1925-2
City: Pittsburg
State: California
Area Code: 925

Book I

  Track: Artist:
1 Walkin' Dead Men A-Wax
2 Deja Vu A-Wax
3 40 Biterz A-Wax
4 No Problem A-Wax
5 Safe Here A-Wax
6 Neva Play Gamez A-Wax
7 Unconditional Thug A-Wax
8 Obstaclez A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
9 Dark Inside A-Wax
10 Leave It To Me A-Wax
11 Bad News V. 1 A-Wax, I-Rocc, Smigg Dirtee
12 Everybody Knowz Me A-Wax
13 It Ain't No Thang A-Wax, Young Noble, Stormy, Danny Boy
14 Thank God (Interlude) A-Wax
15 Enough Heart A-Wax
16 Me & Mine A-Wax, I-Rocc, Smigg Dirtee
17 R.I.P. Outro A-Wax

Book II

  Track: Artist:
1 Shinin' A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
2 The Code A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
3 Bad Newz V.2 A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
4 Get It Everyday A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
5 2 Teks A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
6 All My Life A-Wax, Napoleon, Smigg Dirtee
7 Loyalty A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee, Danny Boy
8 Clean Up A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
9 Said & Done A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
10 Dedication Smigg Dirtee
11 Yours A-Wax, Smigg Dirtee
12 Not Beef A-Wax
13 Please Don't A-Wax

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