Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City

@LwoodMedia is switching lanes to bring you the genius of Gurp City with another special edition installment of the Fresh Out series. L-wood spent several months in the lab whipping up this masterpiece, and it’s worth every minute.

Fresh Out Gurp City features 36 digitally intoxicating tracks that will give you the style of underground hip hop you’ve been fiending for! As always, this is a completely FREE digital release exclusively available for you here on Rap Music Guide.

Click the following link to download Fresh Out Gurp City FREE!

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City Photo Collage

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City Legend

Disc 1: Been On Gurp

  1. Not Our House feat. Sacred Hoop, Z-Man, DJ Marz
  2. Can I Borrow Some Sugar feat. Gametightelectro, Z-Man, Eddie K, Mr. Rawng
  3. Burgandy feat. Sacred Hoop, Eddie K, DJ Quest
  4. For The Birds, Centipede, I Need Some Dome, Ain’t No Sugar In The Tank feat.
  5. The Gingerbread Man, Z-Man, Luke Sick, Eddie K
  6. Moe KSZU, When I’m Broke feat. Sacred Hoop
  7. Nuttin Nice feat. Fay Dog
  8. Gone Fishing feat. Z-Man
  9. Ghetto Stash feat. DJ Quest, Eddie K
  10. State Of Mind feat. Gus Cutty of Fist Fam
  11. Living Single feat. The Bachelors, The Gingerbread Man
  12. Live Freestyle feat. Eddie K, Z-Man, DJ Marz
  13. Earn The Pay feat. Grand Invincible
  14. Soulcancer feat. TopR
  15. Watching You feat. Z-Man, Conceit, Boac
  16. Brag On It feat. Z-Man, G-Pek, Slim Goodworth, Big Shawn, D Whiz
  17. Hogs Of Rap feat. Sacred Hoop, Jihad, Eddie K, Brandon B, Conceit, TopR, Z-Man

Disc 2: Stay On Gurp

  1. The Fill feat. Official Spill
  2. No Eject feat. Grand Invincible
  3. Chewy Boy Doobie feat. Trunk Drank, Z-Man
  4. Have You Seen My Nose feat. The Gingerbread Man
  5. Supalove Mix feat. Rime Force Most Illin
  6. The Garden feat. White Mic, Z-Man
  7. More Smoke feat. Diamond Lung
  8. Hey (Talk Is Cheap) feat. Free Radio, Verse
  9. Justaverse [Unreleased] feat. Big Sammy
  10. Suicide Is Played Out feat. Z-Man
  11. 68 and I Owe U 1 feat. TopR
  12. That’s War feat. Mutual Daps
  13. Escaping Souls feat. Fist Fam
  14. Gimme My Money [Unreleased] feat. The Gingerbread Man, Z-Man
  15. Hilltop, Stay Dumb feat. Dankslob
  16. No Such Thang [Unreleased] feat. Philo
  17. Amateur Night feat. Murksauce, Luke Sick
  18. Innercity Dreams feat. Z-Man, Elon
  19. Play My Tape feat. Grand Invincible
  20. Full feat. Official Spill, Eddie K, Luke Sick, Z-Man, Mint Rock, FDOG

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City Booklet

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