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Bizarre - Attack Of The WeirdosArtist: Bizarre
Title: Attack Of The Weirdos
Category: CD
Record Label: Federation Records
Year: 1998
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Area Code: 313
Rah Digga - Dirty HarrietArtist: Rah Digga
Title: Dirty Harriet
Category: CD
Year: 2000
Reks - Along Came The ChosenArtist: Reks
Title: Along Came The Chosen
Category: CD
Year: 2001
Masta Ace - Disposable ArtsArtist: Masta Ace
Title: Disposable Arts
Category: CD
Year: 2001
8 Mile - Motion Picture SoundtrackArtist: 8 Mile
Title: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Category: CD
Record Label: Shady Records, Interscope Records
Year: 2002
Pacewon - WonArtist: Pacewon
Title: Won
Category: CD
Year: 2002
Miami - Miami And The Nation Of ThizzlamArtist: Miami
Title: Miami And The Nation Of Thizzlam
Category: CD
Record Label: Thizz Entertainment
Year: 2005
City: Vallejo
State: California
Area Code: 707
Casual Presents - Smash RockwellArtist: Casual Presents
Title: Smash Rockwell
Category: CD
Record Label: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Year: 2005
State: California
Meez - Alaska 2 Tha BayArtist: Meez
Title: Alaska 2 Tha Bay
Category: CD
Record Label: Thizz Entertainment, Sumo Records
Year: 2006
State: Alaska
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