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Sage Francis - Sick Of Waiting Tables...Artist: Sage Francis
Title: Sick Of Waiting Tables...
Category: CD
Year: 2001
Sage Francis - Personal JournalsArtist: Sage Francis
Title: Personal Journals
Category: CD
Year: 2002
Sage Francis - A Healthy DistrustArtist: Sage Francis
Title: A Healthy Distrust
Category: CD
Record Label: Epitaph
Year: 2005
Sage Francis - Human The Death DanceArtist: Sage Francis
Title: Human The Death Dance
Category: CD
Year: 2007
DJ MF Shalen - Get On ItArtist: DJ MF Shalen
Title: Get On It
Category: CD
Year: 2001
HipHopSite.com Presents - Preemptive Hype Vol. 5.5Artist: HipHopSite.com Presents
Title: Preemptive Hype Vol. 5.5
Category: CD
Year: 2004
Buddy Wakefield - Run On AnythingArtist: Buddy Wakefield
Title: Run On Anything
Category: CD
Year: 2006
Prolyphic & Reanimator - The Ugly TruthArtist: Prolyphic & Reanimator
Title: The Ugly Truth
Category: CD
Year: 2008
Grouch & Eligh - Say G&E!Artist: Grouch & Eligh
Title: Say G&E!
Category: CD
Record Label: Legendary Music
Year: 2009
MC Lars - Lars Attacks!Artist: MC Lars
Title: Lars Attacks!
Category: CD
Record Label: Horris Records
Year: 2011
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