Rap Music Guide

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Is Rap Music Guide?

Rap Music Guide is a privately built database containing information on rap & hip-hop albums, artists, labels, and their recordings. Rap Music Guide is constantly growing as we add releases to our database.

What Is There To Do Here?

At Rap Music Guide you can search for information about your favorite artist or album. If you would like to find music that is local to you, browse by and area code, city, or state. If it’s a bar code you need for your store or eBay auction, you can find it here. Locate, track and bookmark your favorite releases. Create a wantlist, or just browse around so you know what to look for in those used music bins. Help build our database by submitting new information, or sending us albums to add. Read our blog and learn about local artists in your area. Rap Music Guide is great way of supporting your local artist and your community.

Can I listen to music here?

No, we currently do not have any rights to the music found on RapMusicGuide.com.

Is Rap Music Guide a store?

No, we are not an online store, or a physical shop. We do offer links to other stores found in our resource pages. 

How can I contact an artist or label?

Rap Music Guide is not affiliated with any labels or artists listed herein. If you're looking for copies, promos, or just trying to get your music released, we cannot help you. 

Where can I buy this CD, cassette tape or record?

Rap Music Guide is an information only database, not an online store. Try searching eBay, Amazon or your local record store. 

Supported Browsers:

Rap Music Guide supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Chrome, Opera and Safari is likely to work (please let us know if there is a problem!).




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