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R8R & L-wood Present - Northern California Trunk Tape Resurrection

R8R & L-wood Present - Northern California Trunk Tape Resurrection

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2011
Release Type: CD-R
Record Label: Double J Promotions, R8R Productions
Produced By: Mixed By R8R
Album Art By: L-wood Media
Catalog #: DJP 005
Bar Code: 603993542993
Case Type: Quad Jewel Case
City: Northern
State: California
Tags: NCTTR, R8R. L-wood

Disc A

  Track: Artist:
1 Killa At Large Young Jay
2 Sactown Blues Sickpack
3 Raw Flow Knowtorius, Shemp
4 No Way Out Nocturnal
5 Niggaz In The Streets Insane, D-Mack, U Boys Click
6 OAKtown Dangerous Dame
7 4080 Tha MOBB
8 It Ain't Too Cheese R.I.P.
9 Sactown Hog 4Tray Block, Da Drifta
10 Livin My Life Thumpa Ace
11 Blood Money Steady Mobb'n
12 Mr. Toe Tag Marvin Lee
13 Life Of A Lunatic Rup Dog
14 Ain't About Shit 100 Proof
15 Cypress Funk Big Toine
16 Represent'n Lunatic Crew, Delinquents
17 High Siden' C.O.P.S.
18 Straight Out Da 'O' Big Dog Cru
19 Ghetto Child APG Crew
20 When Push Comes To Shove Fly Mar
21 Touch Of Madness 2 Black Basstuds
22 Represent'n Rollyn 1000 Click
23 Old Schoool G's 1/2 Uh G
24 Real Shit T-Bone, Hellraiser
25 Now What Pt.2 Extra Prolific, Tajai, Opio
26 My Way The Mac
27 Low Down Low Down

Disc B

  Track: Artist:
1 Mac Dre's The Name Mac Dre
2 Never Come Close D-Bone
3 Fuckin' Em T-Gunn
4 You Can't Fade Me Budwyser, Black C, T-Lowe
5 Straight To The Dome TMC
6 415 Mac Clan
7 Shut It Down E-40
8 The Shit Dead End
9 The BBQ The Siggnett Posse, Jedi Warrior, Willie Hen
10 Characters Female Fonk
11 The Hood Freddy B
12 Cold Ass Life Style Cold World Hustlers
13 Gaffled Like That The Gov, 2Pac, Richie Rich
14 It Get's Harder Everyday RTD, Howy-T
15 Where'd U Get Your Funk From? Alley Kats
16 Raw Flow So Busy, Chunk, Gangsta G
17 Smoke Season (Remix) Rappin' Ron, Ant Diddley Dog, Goldy
18 Bombay Dobad
19 Redrum City NSP
20 Organized Crime Organized Crime
21 Livin In The Point Gangsta Rhyme Posse
22 Keep It Crankin Quinc, Smoke
23 415-510 TKO
24 Life In The Gardens Blood Box, Ready Rock
25 Money Lil Dee

Disc C

  Track: Artist:
1 It Don't Stop Big Shell
2 High Speed C.C.H.
3 Hustlin' Fo Mine Pimpville
4 Operation West Side Industry
5 Mi Vida Loca Mr. Brown
6 Real Homies Dre Mo
7 Transa Natural High
8 Summer Dayz C.R.I.S.I.S.
9 Freaky Tales Pt. II Too Short
10 Northern Killa Cali Temporary Insanity
11 Deep Dish Daytons Identity
12 Golden State Drama Pimp Slick
13 Asta La Vista Products Of Tha Unda-Grownd
14 Livin' How I Choose Dr. Bombay
15 Blunted Lil T
16 The Twamps Mack Lew, Marq Dogg
17 Death Is On My Back Young Pone
18 Stackin' T-Buck
19 Pimpin Sam Til Infinity (R8R Blend) Heiro
20 H-Nigga Groove Hugh E. MC
21 Straight Gettin Sick The M.O.B.
22 Let It Go E-Money
23 Heat Father Dom
24 2 B Reel Spice 1
25 Keep Flowin S.I.C.
26 M.P.P.G. Ncognito, Mac Fleet
27 Frisco City Of Players CTG
28 Let's Side The Click

Disc D

  Track: Artist:
1 Comin' Is A Must San Quinn
2 Starbound Mr. Kee
3 Dirty Shit Big Time G, JD The Great Escapa
4 Game To Spit Ty, Choppa T.
5 Coming Real Straight Funk
6 Tha Session Organized Hustlaz
7 He Wrote Federal B
8 Just Mob Ghetto Politix
9 Like Lovely G.B.P.
10 Da Shit Iz Real Chocolate Milk
11 All This Game 4 U Mac Mo, JT The Bigga Figga, KT
12 911 Funk Parts Unknown
13 Block To Block Extra Pro, Mike G
14 Straigt G's Gangsta Poet, Grip, Psycho
15 Gettin' Crazy 2 N Da Chamber
16 Bonus Track Guce, Cougnut, Dre Dog
17 Haters Must Die Dark Titans
18 Street Knowledge Felony
19 Fuck A Hoe Les Fresh, Black Ice, Tione-G, Chopper
20 South Side Rida Masta Steele
21 Lost In The Fog The Family, Young Dre, Ram
22 Suckas Stressin Down-N-Dirty Hustlas, L.C.
23 The Soil Bored Stiff
24 Delinquents Delinquents
25 Sit Back & Relax P.Duece, E-40
26 Gin Wit No Juice Celly Cel
27 Straight To The Point Toine 800, MC Irie

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