Fresh Out Volume Eleven

Fresh Out Volume Eleven

Fresh Out Volume Eleven

@LwoodMedia was back in the lab again whipping up another edition of the Fresh Out series. This one features some crispy artwork over an album art montage, consisting of the latest releases off the shelves.

Fresh Out Volume Eleven features 22 of the dopest tracks from rap artists all over the Bay Area. Don’t expect to hear any of these tracks on the radio, this is strictly underground.

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As always, this is a completely FREE digital release exclusively available for you here on Rap Music Guide.

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  1. Always Somethin feat. A-Wax
  2. Motivation feat. Rich Rocka
  3. Not My Trap feat. Joe Blow, Dubb 20, Fed-X, A-One
  4. I’m So Oakland feat. The Delinquents
  5. Dumb Life feat. Nef The Pharaoh
  6. Got Game From The OG’s feat. Ezale
  7. Flavor In Yo Ear feat. Lil Blood
  8. Violin feat. J. Stalin, Petey Mac
  9. How Many Times feat. Young Gully
  10. No Stress feat. Molly G, Berner
  11. Dirty Sprites feat. Young Shaad, CwDa3rd, Taedadon, Lil JFk
  12. Skits feat. Lil AJ
  13. Pass The Pepper feat. SB Shmack, Keak Da Sneak, Yukmouth
  14. Phone & A Gmail feat. Iamsu
  15. 100 Thousand feat. Philthy Rich, Kae One
  16. Make The Plays feat. Laroo, Rydah J. Klyde, Saafir J
  17. No Regrets feat. HD
  18. Get Money feat. King Lavish D, Liquorsto, J-Diggs, Ya’zuri
  19. Bang On Em feat. C-Bo
  20. Way Too Dope feat. Reece Loc
  21. F’n Wit Dre feat. Sir V Wood
  22. Rompaugraphy 2 feat. J-Diggs

Fresh Out Volume Eleven tracklist

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R.I.P. Rapper Reek Daddy tha Instigator


R.I.P. Reek Daddy

Bay Area underground rap just suffered another major blow. Tha Instigator, Mr. Get the Shit Started, Freak da Babbi, aka Reek Daddy the Country Club Crest Side playa and rapper from Vallejo, CA has died. After a lengthy battle with cancer, Mariko Nash, better known as Reek Daddy, passed away August 2016.

Serious as Cancer

In 2014 Reek Daddy released the album “Serious As Cancer” which was his way of subtly informing his listeners that he was diagnosed with the disease. The album cover is a trippy visual representation depicting a ball of cancer, mixing with human DNA strands, lighting up with bolts of energy bouncing off it.

Most of his close friends and fans never picked up on this, mostly because of his work ethic, continuing to release full length solo albums and rap music videos like nothing was wrong.

Gangsta of the Year

Reek started making his own demo tapes in his early teens using the limited recording equipment he had available. Inspired by his neighborhood friends in the Rompa Room Gang, he learned the independent rap game hustle from Mac Dre, J-Diggs & Dubee aka Sugawolf Pimp. By the time he got into high school, Reek was known to destroy any competition, siggin on all MC’s who would challenge him. He quickly became a popular rapper and found his niche in the Vallejo rap game.

After Reek graduated from People’s High School, a continuation school in Vallejo, he began working on a project titled “Gangsta of the Year” with production and features by Smoov-E. The album was supposed to drop in 1996, but was shelved, and never pressed up. Now the album is an underground classic that is shared and downloaded by his only true fans.

Reek Daddy, Mac Dre, J-Diggs

Shittin on Them Suckas Like Firey Hot Rocks

During Reek’s career he released a total 12 albums, all while sharing the mic and working with some of the best rap artists and producers in the industry. He also invested back into his community by releasing albums for other aspiring local rappers, including Mendo Dope, Mr. $krillz, Iz Da Thug & H.Y.P.

A true hustler until the very end, Reek Daddy released his final solo album just before his death, titled “Firey Hot Rocks” on the record label he founded, N.O.Y.B. Entertainment.

NOYB Entertainment Chain


As soon as the news about Reek’s death leaked, social media erupted with nothing but praise for the rapper’s accomplishments, and condolences to the family and Lil Reek. #ReekDaddy

Time to roll up a Backwood and light one for Reek mothafuckin’ Daddy. R.I.P. Cutthoat

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Brotha Lynch Hung’s Cousin Q-Ball on Cops

Q-Ball R.I.P.Brotha Lynch Hung dedicated his second album Season of da Siccness: The Resurrection to his cousin Q-Ball. The photo of Kean Miller can be found on the linear notes on the inside album artwork, which was designed by Cedric Singleton.

For those not familiar with the story, Q-Ball was murdered in 1994 at C-Bo’s video shoot in Sacramento, CA. This took place while Brotha Lynch was in the process of producing his full length solo album.

Upset and vocal about the incident, Brotha Lynch Hung created the track “Liquor Sicc” which touches on the subjects of dealing with Q-Ball’s death and the retaliation thereafter.

As a mysterious character in Lynch’s songs, not much is known about Q-Ball. We were able to locate a YouTube video of him. Turns out, Q-Ball was featured in an episode of Cops filmed in Sacramento in 1993.

Q-Ball on Cops

In this clip Kean Miller gets rolled on, just outside of the Garden Blocc. A typical traffic stop turns into big trouble for Q-Ball. R.I.P.

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Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

One of the most memorable photos of Too $hort, the godfather of Oakland rap, was taken by Victor Hall, and featured alongside his interview by Reginald C. Dennis in the August 1992 edition of The Source Magazine #35.

The photo features young Too Short sitting in a chair, on the second story of his balcony, looking up towards the camera with a grin. In the background is a swimming pool with a dollar sign painted on the bottom. As you can tell, pimpin’ ain’t easy.

Below we have the entire spread of the cover story featuring the infamous photo. If you read the in-depth interview, you will learn about Short Dog’s old partner Freddy B, and the secret to his secret his multi-platinum success.

Too Short The Source Magazine #35 August 1992

Page 34 and 35.

Page 36 and front cover.

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The Real Bitch is Back… And Hittin’ Hard

Roxanne Shanté is from Queens, New York City and grew up in the Queensbridge Projects, which also happened to be home to The Juice Crew, a hip hop collective of artists founded by producer Marley Marl and radio DJ Mr. Magic.

With the help of Tyrone William at Cold Chillin’ Records, Shanté released two albums featuring her raucous rap style and witty disses.

The advertisements featured below are for her second album titled “The Bitch Is Back“, released in 1992 on the Cold Chillin’ Records label Livin’ Large Records. This final album featured production by Kool G Rap, Grand Daddy IU, Large Professor, Mister Cee, Trackmasters, and Grandmaster Flash.

Other Bitches Front… Shanté the Real Bitch is Back… and Hittin’ Hard!

Shante - The Real Bitch Is Back

Shante - The Bitch Is Back And Hittin' Hard

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Fresh Out Volume Ten

Fresh Out - Volume 10

@LwoodMedia worked his magic once again with Fresh Out Volume Ten. This Fresh Out release featuring rap artists from all over the Bay Area. As always, this is a completely FREE digital release exclusively available for you here on Rap Music Guide.

Click the following link to download Fresh Out Vol. 10 FREE!

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Fresh Out – Volume 10

  1. Trap Hard feat. Lee Majors, Mob Jr, The Jacka
  2. Mob Call feat. A-One, Bra Heff
  3. 3XKrazy feat. Shady Nate
  4. Down The Barrel feat. One Mob, Joe Blow, Mozzy, Lil AJ, Frost, Lil Blood, Philthy Rich, 4 rAx
  5. Not Go Cry feat. Mac Blast
  6. Jacka’s Prayer feat. J. Stalin
  7. Play Wit it feat. HD
  8. Operate feat. Mozzy
  9. Really Not A Rapper feat. Prince Tee, J. Diggs, Taye Hustle
  10. Neighborhood Stuntman feat. Willie Joe, Salty
  11. Cookies feat. Kay Bellz, Berner
  12. Know Me feat. Ooty Ooo, ST Spittin, Louie G The Don
  13. Bay Shit feat. Don Toriano, Berner, Ya Boy Rich Rocka, Goldie Gold
  14. Red Mob feat. Hus Mozzy, G Val, Mozzy
  15. 187 Proof feat. Shady Nate, Lil Blood
  16. Need It All feat. Young Gully, AB
  17. No Coasters feat. Moe Green
  18. Never Change Up feat. Lazy-Boy, Sneakz
  19. Forever feat. Kae One, The Jacka, Carey Stacks
  20. Nope feat. Boss Hogg
  21. Six (Thank You, Memphis) feat. Ramirez
  22. Statue Of Liberty feat. Philthy Rich, E-40, Nef The Pharaoh, Ezale
  23. Turnt Up feat. Beeda Weeda

Fresh Out - Volume 10 tracklist

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Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City

@LwoodMedia is switching lanes to bring you the genius of Gurp City with another special edition installment of the Fresh Out series. L-wood spent several months in the lab whipping up this masterpiece, and it’s worth every minute.

Fresh Out Gurp City features 36 digitally intoxicating tracks that will give you the style of underground hip hop you’ve been fiending for! As always, this is a completely FREE digital release exclusively available for you here on Rap Music Guide.

Click the following link to download Fresh Out Gurp City FREE!

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City Photo Collage

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City Legend

Disc 1: Been On Gurp

  1. Not Our House feat. Sacred Hoop, Z-Man, DJ Marz
  2. Can I Borrow Some Sugar feat. Gametightelectro, Z-Man, Eddie K, Mr. Rawng
  3. Burgandy feat. Sacred Hoop, Eddie K, DJ Quest
  4. For The Birds, Centipede, I Need Some Dome, Ain’t No Sugar In The Tank feat.
  5. The Gingerbread Man, Z-Man, Luke Sick, Eddie K
  6. Moe KSZU, When I’m Broke feat. Sacred Hoop
  7. Nuttin Nice feat. Fay Dog
  8. Gone Fishing feat. Z-Man
  9. Ghetto Stash feat. DJ Quest, Eddie K
  10. State Of Mind feat. Gus Cutty of Fist Fam
  11. Living Single feat. The Bachelors, The Gingerbread Man
  12. Live Freestyle feat. Eddie K, Z-Man, DJ Marz
  13. Earn The Pay feat. Grand Invincible
  14. Soulcancer feat. TopR
  15. Watching You feat. Z-Man, Conceit, Boac
  16. Brag On It feat. Z-Man, G-Pek, Slim Goodworth, Big Shawn, D Whiz
  17. Hogs Of Rap feat. Sacred Hoop, Jihad, Eddie K, Brandon B, Conceit, TopR, Z-Man

Disc 2: Stay On Gurp

  1. The Fill feat. Official Spill
  2. No Eject feat. Grand Invincible
  3. Chewy Boy Doobie feat. Trunk Drank, Z-Man
  4. Have You Seen My Nose feat. The Gingerbread Man
  5. Supalove Mix feat. Rime Force Most Illin
  6. The Garden feat. White Mic, Z-Man
  7. More Smoke feat. Diamond Lung
  8. Hey (Talk Is Cheap) feat. Free Radio, Verse
  9. Justaverse [Unreleased] feat. Big Sammy
  10. Suicide Is Played Out feat. Z-Man
  11. 68 and I Owe U 1 feat. TopR
  12. That’s War feat. Mutual Daps
  13. Escaping Souls feat. Fist Fam
  14. Gimme My Money [Unreleased] feat. The Gingerbread Man, Z-Man
  15. Hilltop, Stay Dumb feat. Dankslob
  16. No Such Thang [Unreleased] feat. Philo
  17. Amateur Night feat. Murksauce, Luke Sick
  18. Innercity Dreams feat. Z-Man, Elon
  19. Play My Tape feat. Grand Invincible
  20. Full feat. Official Spill, Eddie K, Luke Sick, Z-Man, Mint Rock, FDOG

Fresh Out Special Edition Gurp City Booklet

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E-A-Ski Blast If I Have To Press Photo

E-A-Ski is a West Coast legend & multi-platinum producer from Oakland, CA. He started his career in the early 1990’s as a rapper and producer for No Limit Records producing some of Master P’s earliest records. While at No Limit he also released his own material with his partner DJ CMT on the 1992 album 1 Step Ahead Of Yall.

By the mid-1990’s E-A-Ski had left No Limit Records and signed with Priority Records. He then released a second EP in 1995 titled Blast If I Have To and contributed a song from the album to the Friday Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The track “Blast If I Have To” turned out to be most popular song on the album and it was later released as single.

Here is E-A-Ski’s black and white promotional press photo for the album “Blast If I Have To” released on Priority Records & Infrared Music Group. The photo was taken by Victor Hall who also did the artwork for the album.

Currently you can find E-A-Ski on Twitter & Instagram.


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Keylo Giving Up The Funk Original vs Re-Release

There are many Keylo Giving Up The Funk albums in the hands of rap collectors, but do you know which version is on your shelf? Since we have all of the releases on CD and cassette tape, we’ll show you what to look out for.

The one reason people outside of the Bay Area know about Keylo is because the track Playin’ For Keeps from his debut album was featured on Master P’s West Coast Bad Boyz Anotha Level Of The Game compilation. On the original release from 1994 you will find a photo of the Keylo Giving Up The Funk cassette tape on the back traycard.

Just by looking at just the album covers it’s hard to tell the two apart, unless you’re holding them next to each other. Below are both releases of the CD side by side so you can see the differences for yourself. The original Giving Up The Funk is on the left, and the Giving Up The Funk re-release is on the right. The front cover of the re-release is definitely brighter than the original.

Keylo - Giving Up The Funk original CDKeylo - Giving Up The Funk re-release cd

When you turn the albums over and look at the rear traycards, you can begin to see the major differences. The most obvious thing to look out for is that the original release on 2-Dope Records & Rat Ta Tat Records did not have any distribution, but the re-release did have distribution and features a large Solar Music Group logo on the back.

Below are both releases of the rear traycard of the compact disc side by side. The original is on the left, and the re-release is on the right.

Keylo - Giving Up The Funk original rear traycardKeylo - Giving Up The Funk re-release rear traycard

Below are both releases of the cassette tape. The original Giving Up The Funk is on top, and the Giving Up The Funk re-release is on the bottom.

Keylo - Giving Up The Funk original cassette tape

Here are both of the CD’s side by side showing the differences in the darkness of the printing. The 1st press is on the left, and the re-release is on the right.

Keylo - Giving Up The Funk original CDKeylo - Giving Up The Funk re-release cd

Below are scans of both of the CD matrix/ringcodes side by side showing that they’re exactly the same: 2DR0417 Mastered By Nimbus

Keylo - Giving Up The Funk original CD bottomKeylo - Giving Up The Funk re-release CD bottom

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A-Wax Everlasting Money: 2015 Pie-Rx Records

A-Wax Everlasting Money package

A-Wax just sent us his brand new album Everlasting Money released on Illburn / Pie-Rx Records, along with an autographed dollar bill with a P on George Washington’s neck!

The album is heat from beginning to end! 15 tracks total with featured guest appearances by Erk Tha Jerk, Young Gully, Baby Bash, E-Bang and Maryann!

Grab a hard copy for yourself, along with other limited edition albums like Everybody Loves Me Chapter 1 & Nightmare Gang featuring artwork by Photo Doctor Graphics, direct from the Pie-Rx’s trap house You can also find him on Instagram.

A-Wax Everlasting Money

Here’s a new video from the album that was just released titled No Vacancy.

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