Brotha Lynch Hung’s Cousin Q-Ball on Cops

Q-Ball R.I.P.Brotha Lynch Hung dedicated his second album Season of da Siccness: The Resurrection to his cousin Q-Ball. The photo of Kean Miller can be found on the linear notes on the inside album artwork, which was designed by Cedric Singleton.

For those not familiar with the story, Q-Ball was murdered in 1994 at C-Bo’s video shoot in Sacramento, CA. This took place while Brotha Lynch was in the process of producing his full length solo album.

Upset and vocal about the incident, Brotha Lynch Hung created the track “Liquor Sicc” which touches on the subjects of dealing with Q-Ball’s death and the retaliation thereafter.

As a mysterious character in Lynch’s songs, not much is known about Q-Ball. We were able to locate a YouTube video of him. Turns out, Q-Ball was featured in an episode of Cops filmed in Sacramento in 1993.

Q-Ball on Cops

In this clip Kean Miller gets rolled on, just outside of the Garden Blocc. A typical traffic stop turns into big trouble for Q-Ball. R.I.P.

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