E-40 Got Grapes! Earl Stevens Selections

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E-40 aka Earl Stvens, best known for drinking that top of the line Rhine Carlo Rossi, has proved that he is Charlie Hustle once again with the release of his own line of alcohol, the Earl Stevens Selections. E-40’s new winery is now producing his own Mascato, Function Red Blend & Mangoscato wines, so you better get your order in before they run out.

Earl Stevens Selections

E-40 recently posted photos to his Instagram and tweeted the link to his new wine website Earl Stevens Selections, which offers the three types of wine mentioned above with a little breakdown about why each is essential.

Located on the website E-40 gives the reason for starting the new company. “I wanted to create my own wine because I’m a huge wine connoisseur. I love wine and I got a name for myself so I decided to make my own.”

The wine is produced in northern California from high quality ingredients. We hope that this proves successful for E-40, unlike his “40-Water” venture. If wine is not your thing, then maybe the news of his new album is. The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil Parts 4, 5, 6 is coming out in December with a boat load of features.

E-40 kissing wine

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