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Fresh Out - Gurp City

Fresh Out - Gurp City

Genre: Rap
Category: Digital
Album Art By: L-wood Media
No Barcode: Yes
Tags: Fresh Out, Gurp City

Disc 1 - Been On Gurp

  Track: Artist:
1 Not Our House Sacred Hoop, Z-Man, DJ Marz
2 Can I Borrow Some Sugar Gametightelectro, Z-Man, Eddie K, Mr. Rawng
3 Burgandy Sacred Hoop, Eddie K, DJ Quest
4 For The Birds, Centipede, I Need Some Dome, Ain't No Sugar In The Tank The Gingerbread Man, Z-Man, Luke Sick, Eddie K
5 Moe KSZU, When I'm Broke Sacred Hoop
6 Nuttin Nice Fay Dog
7 Gone Fishing Z-Man
8 Ghetto Stash DJ Quest, Eddie K
9 State Of Mind Gus Cutty of Fist Fam
10 Living Single The Bachelors, The Gingerbread Man
11 Live Freestyle Eddie K, Z-Man, DJ Marz
12 Earn The Pay Grand Invincible
13 Soulcancer TopR
14 Watching You Z-Man, Conceit, Boac
15 Brag On It Z-Man, G-Pek, Slim Goodworth, Big Shawn, D Whiz
16 Hogs Of Rap Sacred Hoop, Jihad, Eddie K, Brandon B, Conceit, TopR, Z-Man

Disc 2 - Stay On Gurp

  Track: Artist:
1 The Fill Official Spill
2 No Eject Grand Invincible
3 Chewy Boy Doobie Trunk Drank, Z-Man
4 Have You Seen My Nose The Gingerbread Man
5 Supalove Mix Rime Force Most Illin
6 The Garden White Mic, Z-Man
7 More Smoke Diamond Lung
8 Hey (Talk Is Cheap) Free Radio, Verse
9 Justaverse [Unreleased] Big Sammy
10 Suicide Is Played Out Z-Man
11 68 and I Owe U 1 TopR
12 That's War Mutual Daps
13 Escaping Souls Fist Fam
14 Gimme My Money [Unreleased] The Gingerbread Man, Z-Man
15 Hilltop, Stay Dumb Dankslob
16 No Such Thang [Unreleased] Philo
17 Amateur Night Murksauce, Luke Sick
18 Innercity Dreams Z-Man, Elon
19 Play My Tape Grand Invincible
20 Full Official Spill, Eddie K, Luke Sick, Z-Man, Mint Rock, FDOG

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