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Bloods & Crips - Bangin On Wax

Bloods & Crips - Bangin On Wax

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 1993
Record Label: Dangerous Records
Catalog #: CDL-19138-2
Bar Code: 063961913826
Matrix/Ring Code: 19138-2 MO Y0A06N
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
Area Code: 310
City: Los Angeles
State: California

  Track: Artist:
1 Gangsta Talk Bloods & Crips
2 Bangin' On Wax Genuine Draft, Lil Stretch, AWOL, Red Ragg, Blue Ragg, Sin Loc, Redrum 781
3 Dog Red Ragg, Dogg, C-K, Redrum 781, Lil Stretch
4 Sick Lil Stretch, Red Ragg, Redrum 781
5 Rip A Crab In Half Bloody Mary, C-K, Red Ragg, Redrum 781
6 Piru Love Bloody Mary, Redrum 781, C-K, Lil Stretch, Red Ragg
7 No Way Out Bloody Mary, C-K, Red Ragg, Redrum 781
8 I Killed Ya Dead Homies Lil Stretch, Red Ragg, Redrum 781
9 K Ride Lil Stretch, Bloody Mary, Red Ragg
10 Crippin' Ain't Easy Blue Ragg, Do Or Die, BK, Sin Loc
11 Crazy Lil' Nigga Stonegone
12 Another Slob Bites The Dust Blue Ragg, C-Note, BK, AWOL, C'inch
13 Crip, Crip, Crip Genuine Draft, C-Note, Rider J.
14 Puttin' In Work Blue Ragg, AWOL, BK, Do Or Die
15 Steady Dippin' Do Or Die, C-Note, Genuine Draft, Sin Loc
16 Mackin' To Slob Bitches Blue Ragg, C-Rider, Sin Loc, Do Or Die, Genuine Draft, AWOL
17 K's Up AWOL, C'inch, Stonegone
18 Transmigrator Of The Soul Bro Dahwood

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