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10 Wanted Men - Ten Toes Down

10 Wanted Men - Ten Toes Down

Record Label: Street Smart Records
Album Art By: McNeary Designs
Mastered By: Kyle Aylor
Year: 2012
Genre: Rap
Bar Code: 646954000620
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
City: Memphis
State: Tennessee
Area Code: 901

  Track: Artist:
1 Still Wanted Tommy Wright III
2 Let Me Kill'em Tommy Wright III, C-9, M.D.B., Womac, La Chat, Project Pimp, Princess Loko, Mac-T. Dog, K-Rock, Big Yo
3 Raise Up Tommy Wright III, Mac-T.Dog
4 Victimized Tommy Wright III, Mac-T.Dog, Hardcore
5 One Man Gang Pt. 2 Tommy Wright III, Keith Wright, Mac Ran
6 Insane N Da Brain Tommy Wright III, Lil Jyule, Crenshaw
7 Comin Strapped Soul Takers, Project Pimp
8 Survivin N Poverty Lil Ramsey
9 Danga Zone Tommy Wright III, Mac-T.Dog
10 Glock Tommy Wright III, 304
11 Can't Take It Tommy Wright III, Hardcore
12 Listen Up Tommy Wright III, E Da G
13 Timez Hard Tommy Wright III, Mac-T.Dog, Hardcore
14 Shelby Drive Tommy Wright III
15 Act Like You Know Tommy Wright III, Hardcore
16 Pimpin Lyrics Tommy Wright III
17 Hoes N Harmony Tommy Wright III, Soul Takers
18 Ten Toes Down Tommy Wright III

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