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MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Da Hard Ov Frayser

MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Da Hard Ov Frayser

Genre: Rap
Category: Cassette Tape
Year: 1995
Release Type: Demo
City: Memphis
State: Tennessee

Many different versions of this tape exist. The 10 track version, the 11 track version, the 12 track version, the 19 track version. So which one is the true original? This question is easily understood if you know about the different master tapes involved in all of the different releases. The original master tape was created in 1995 and is known as the DJ Sound Mixdown. This mixdown version has 11 tracks, while the 10 track version is the same exact version as the 11 track, although it was cut differently. The second master tape was created several years ago and is known as the Player 1 Mixdown. That version has 12 tracks and a different track list than the DJ Sound Mixdown. The Player 1 Mixdown & DJ Sound Mixdown were used to create 17 of the 19 tracks on the re-released CD version. The remaining 2 tracks which are Chokey Chokin Choke & The Frayserclick were obtained from other recordings.



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