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QM & Luke Sick - On Tilt

QM & Luke Sick - On Tilt

Genre: Rap
Category: Cassette Tape
Year: 2016
Tape Only: Yes
Record Label: Megakut Records
Produced By: Vrse Murphy
Mastered By: Richie Cunning, QM
Album Art By: Jim Boyer
No Barcode: Yes
Area Code: 650
City: Moutain View
State: California
Tags: Rec League, Gurp City, Sacred Hoop, Murksauce, Grand Invincible, Dank Slob, Diamond Lung, Rime Force Most Illin, Shout to L-wood

  Track: Artist:
1 Intro QM, Luke Sick
2 You Know I'm Fadin' QM, Luke Sick
3 Detox with More Liquor QM, Luke Sick
4 How to Party QM, Luke Sick
5 Dank and Drank QM, Luke Sick
6 Get Full of That QM, Luke Sick
7 Nice Size Plate QM, Luke Sick
8 What Happened to the Caddy QM, Luke Sick
9 Comin' Out the Cut QM, Luke Sick
10 First Name Al QM, Luke Sick
11 Quest On Tilt QM, Luke Sick, DJ Quest
12 Can't Go Home QM, Luke Sick
13 On Tilt QM, Luke Sick, Lightbulb, Z-Man, Eddie K, Brandon B, Topr

Purchase album here: https://qmmusic.bandcamp.com/

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