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E-40 - The Originator's Mix...OG Music! 4 E-40 Malt Lyrics Edition

E-40 - The Originator's Mix...OG Music! 4 E-40 Malt Lyrics Edition

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2010
Release Type: CD-R
Record Label: R8R Productions
Produced By: Mixed By R8R
Album Art By: R8R
No Barcode: Yes
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
Area Code: 707
City: Vallejo
State: California
Tags: R8R, E-40, Beastie Boys, Too $hort, Whodini, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Boogie Boys, Bun B, Pimp C

  Track: Artist:
1 The Story E-40
2 Paul Revere Beastie Boys
3 Jump My Bone E-40, Bosko
4 Never Had A Love Like This Before Tavares
5 From The Ground Up E-40, Too $hort, K-Ci & Jo Jo
6 1 Luv E-40
7 One Love Whodini
8 Drought Season E-40, Kaveo
9 Playboy $hort Too $hort
10 Rappers Ball E-40, Too $hort, K-Ci & Jo Jo
11 Girl Too $hort
12 Earl Thats Yo Life E-40
13 No Name Bar Isaac Hayes
14 Rat Heads E-40
15 Sir Noise D'Voidoffunk Parliament
16 Let Him Have It E-40
17 Posse On Broadway Sir Mix-A-Lot
18 Big Ballin With My Homies E-40
19 Everlasting Bass Rodney O & Joe Cooley
20 Look At Me E-40, BG, Baby, Juvenile
21 Flirt Cameo
22 Hide-N-Seek E-40
23 Fly Girl The Boogie Boys
24 White Gurl E-40, Bun B, Pimp C
25 Cold Blooded Rick James
26 7 Much E-40, Kokane
27 Love Birds The Dramatics
28 Fallin’ Rain E-40

Being a fan of Hip-Hop and the art of Sampling, wanted to offer a mix that showcased the Original song vs. the track that sampled it. This was the 4th vol. in the mix series called "The Originator's Mix...OG Music!" Like on Vol.2 with Too $hort, decided to pay homage to E-40 by using his songs for the mix.

Additional Artwork:



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