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Big Ice - Stackin Beats

Big Ice - Stackin Beats

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2009
Record Label: Da Playboy Foundation
Produced By: Big Ice Productions
No Barcode: Yes
Case Type: Double Jewel Case
City: Oslo, Norway
Tags: Cool Nutz, Assassin, Merciless, Jay Tee, Baby Bash, Frost, Messy Marv, A-wax, Telly Mac, Young Dru, D-Mac, Nasty Nate, Young Life, Dividenz, Bullet, Funkdaddy, Big Laz

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 Tha G-Ride Linda Vincent
2 Eg Menar Det Vågard, Lars Vaular & Leo Ajkic
3 Hollywood Jae-R
4 Playaz Oral Bee
5 Asfaltcowboy Onkl P
6 Ikke Tenk På Det Mats Dawg & Joddski
7 On Replay Linda Vincent
8 Beezy Er... Oral Bee
9 Full Effekt Lars Vaular, Pete'n & Girson
10 Andromeda Trygve Seim
11 Hævvi A-Laget
12 For Now Dioniziz Aka DZ
13 Skifte Form RSP
14 Helt Fint Peten
15 Kick Back & Smoke With A Playa Oral Bee, David Wade
16 Oh Pirelli Poe
17 Så Så Seriøst Nils M/ Skils
18 Pimpology The Roll Trevon & Assassin
19 Fittari Andyboy
20 Oslo Oslo Lars Vaular
21 Bonus Track Oral Bee

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Heat Big Ice
2 Against The Current Cool Nutz
3 Growin' Up On My Block Assassin
4 As Time Go By Merciless, Big Laz
5 Summertime In Tha S.E.A Turf Grindaz, Overflow, Mario'so
6 Vamanos Jay Tee, Baby Beesh, Merciless
7 What's Goin' On? Jay Tee, Baby Beesh, Frost
8 No Deal A-Wax, Telly Mac
9 Bonafied C.O.L.A Of Dividenz
10 Move On Chris Ray
11 So Vicious Baby Bash, DJ Kane
12 In The Valley Joe Jay Tee, Young Dru
13 The Game D-Mac, J. Scrilla
14 Smokin' Drinkin' Young Life
15 No Way Dividenz, Wanz
16 Step It Up Nasty Nate, Peanut (The Monkey Gang), Dre (The Juggernaut Fam)
17 We Ride Hot Cuzzin Jay Tee, Frost, Bullet, Messy Marv
18 We Stay Doin' It Funkdaddy, Mr. Rossi
19 I Been Hustlin' Los Free Agents
20 Street Life Arjay
21 Bonus Track Big Ice

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