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Scario Andreddi - Scars & Tattoos

Scario Andreddi - Scars & Tattoos

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Record Label: Gritter Music
Album Art By: Codeblack Media
Bar Code: 844553026021
Area Code: 816
City: Kansas City
State: Missouri
Tags: A Soulja's Story

  Track: Artist:
1 Gimmie A Ski Mask Scario Andreddi, Killa Tay
2 Don't Know Me Well Scario Andreddi
3 Not You Jerks Scario Andreddi
4 Disrespecting My Block Scario Andreddi, Sliccs Gotcha
5 I Getz Guap Scario Andreddi, M.P.3
6 Dreddis Back Scario Andreddi
7 My Bad Scario Andreddi
8 Two Sides To Every Story Scario Andreddi
9 It's Nuthin Scario Andreddi, Lady Lynn
10 Long Dolla's Scario Andreddi, Don Dilla
11 Hustled To Long Scario Andreddi
12 Maniac Minded Scario Andreddi
13 More Than A Rapper Scario Andreddi, Rappin Twan
14 Hoodrat!!! Scario Andreddi
15 Two Guns On My Scario Andreddi, D-Boy, Don Dilla, AR-15
16 ABCs Scario Andreddi, Mac Dre, Confederacy Clique
17 Scars And Tattoos Scario Andreddi

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