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Bola Mac - Why Was I Born To Die

Bola Mac - Why Was I Born To Die

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2001
Record Label: Wont Stop Records
Bar Code: 821681000123
Matrix/Ring Code: SU1003890B WHYBORNTODIE-PMS
Area Code: 415
City: San Francisco
State: California

  Track: Artist:
1 What's Nothing Bola Mac
2 WSR Interlude Bola Mac
3 No Fear Bola Mac, Rez-A-Rector
4 Thug Until I'm Gone Bola Mac
5 Shake That Ass Bola Mac, Shoreview Shan
6 WSR Interlude Bola Mac, Rez-A-Rector
7 Ride With Me Bola Mac, Lil Joe, Ronnie Roots, Rez-A-Rector, Nard Bling
8 Get Out Bola Mac, Rez-A-Rector
9 Real Boy Bola Mac, Rez-A-Rector, Shoreview Shan
10 WSR Interlude Bola Mac, Rez-A-Rector
11 Why Was I Born To Die Bola Mac, Mount Million, Shoreview Shan
12 Crazy Over Money Bola Mac, Nard Bling
13 Yo You Like That Bola Mac
14 Never To Late Bola Mac, Shoreview Shan, B Mac
15 Bonus Track Rez-A-Rector
16 Bonus Track C.B.T., Shoreview Shan, Young Ran

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