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X-Raided - X-Files V.2 Unforgiven Wit' A Vengence

X-Raided - X-Files V.2 Unforgiven Wit' A Vengence

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2004
Record Label: Madman Records
Area Code: 916
City: Sacramento
State: California

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 Mad Man (Intro) X-Raided
2 Misantropy X-Raided
3 Un4given X-Raided
4 Who Is Ya'll Niggas X-Raided
5 Spittin Venom X-Raided
6 Mortal Combat X-Raided
7 Macaframa X-Raided
8 Take Flight X-Raided, Dott Dogg
9 Cemetary Fulla G's X-Raided
10 Dead On Arrival Pt.1 X-Raided
11 Land Of The Lost X-Raided
12 Kick It Tonight X-Raided, DJ Sharehl
13 Mama's Pride And Joy X-Raided
14 Whatever It Took X-Raided, Hanifah
15 On Da Rise X-Raided, Dott Dogg

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 The Prophecy (Intro) X-Raided, Dott Dogg
2 Write What I See X-Raided
3 Hold On (What A Thug To Do) X-Raided
4 Most Wanted (Who They Wanna Kill) X-Raided, No Love
5 Who But Me X-Raided, Gold Loc Da Kingpen
6 Sac-A-Indo (Where I'm From) X-Raided, Gold Loc Da Kingpen
7 Kamikaze X-Raided, Luni Coleone
8 When The Smoke Clears X-Raided
9 Vengeance Is Mine X-Raided, Gold Loc Da Kingpen
10 Terrorists X-Raided, Shaka Loc
11 The Club (Rip It Up) X-Raided
12 Post War Syndrome X-Raided
13 I Got Yo Back X-Raided
14 Lord Have Mercy X-Raided
15 We Bang (Outro) X-Raided, No Love, T-Nutty

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