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Gumbo - Dropping Soulful H2O On The Fiber

Gumbo - Dropping Soulful H2O On The Fiber

Genre: Hip-Hop
Category: CD
Year: 1993

  Track: Artist:
1 There's No Need 2 Run Anymore Gumbo
2 Feelin' Like Gumbo
3 A Free Soul Gumbo
4 The Boat Gumbo
5 Do You Gumbo
6 I Know You're A Virgin Gumbo
7 Dropping Soulful HO On The Fiber Gumbo
8 Reality Gumbo
9 The Jungle Gumbo
10 Basement Music Gumbo
11 Ya Know Gumbo
12 Dancin' Beauty Gumbo
13 A Big Bowl Of Life Gumbo
14 Soldier Boy Gumbo
15 Last Night Gumbo

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