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RBX - The RBX Files

RBX - The RBX Files

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 1995

  Track: Artist:
1 Introduction RBX
2 Brother Minister A. Samad Muhammad RBX
3 A.W.O.L. RBX
4 Slip Into Long Beach RBX
5 The Edge RBX
6 Rough Is The Texture RBX
7 Burn RBX
8 Our Time Is Now RBX
9 Feathers In The Wind RBX
10 Rec Dialec Introduction RBX
11 Tundra RBX
12 Drama (Interlude) RBX
13 Mom's Are Cryin' RBX
14 BMS On The Attack RBX
15 Sounds Of Reality RBX
16 Armageddon (Interlude) RBX
17 Akebulan RBX
18 Fightin' The Devil RBX
19 No Time RBX
20 Our Time Is Now (Outro) RBX
21 A.W.O.L. (Gregski Remix) RBX

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