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Carnage - The Carnology Vol. 0.5 EP

Carnage - The Carnology Vol. 0.5 EP

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2004

  Track: Artist:
1 Preamble Carnage
2 Verbose Verses Carnage
3 Crowd Control (D-O-N-T-M-O-V-E) Carnage
4 Prelude To Coaches Carnage
5 Coaches Carnage, Eyedea
6 Unplanned Utterance Carnage
7 Tea Baggin' Carnage, Poiz
8 Road To Perdition Carnage
9 Untitled Bounce Carnage, Midwest Alliance
10 Surviving The Hecatomb Carnage, ScamAnon, 2GP
11 Mic.Check'em Carnage
12 Run For Ya' Life Carnage
13 Untitled Track Carnage
14 Untitled Track Carnage
15 Untitled Track Carnage

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