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Various Artists - Possession With Intent To Distribute

Various Artists - Possession With Intent To Distribute

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 1999
Release Type: 1st Press
Record Label: Maja League Entertainment
Produced By: Leftfield, B-Love, D-Boogie
Mastered By: Discmakers
Catalog #: ML6932
Bar Code: 660355693229
Case Type: Clear Standard Jewel Case
City: Panama
State: Florida
Tags: 2000

  Track: Artist:
1 The Trial (Skit) Flip-A-100, Chuck, Dundee
2 Dreams to Fulfill Dundee, MCM
3 How Many Big Spunk, Tonka, MCM
4 Can't F#!$ W- Me Vyshon', Flip-A-100, Grande Diva
5 Lil Dude (Skit) Dundee, Flip-A-100, 9 Mil, Lil Cash
6 Had It All Last Night Lil Cash, MCM, Smurf Roc, Flip-A-100
7 Bounce Lil Cash, Smurf Roc, Flip-A-100, Dundee, 9 Mil, MCM
8 Ball Til Ya' Fall (Intro) Flip-A-100
9 Ball Til Ya' Fall MCM, Dundee, Big Spunk, Flip-A-100
10 Startin' This Smurf Roc, Grande Diva, Lil Cash, MCM, Flip-A-100, Dundee
11 Audition for Me Dundee, Mr Rob. L, Big Spunk
12 We on Top Lil Cash, MCM, Smurf Roc
13 Keep It Real Dundee, MCM, Big Spunk
14 Cats Better Back Up Dundee, MCM, Grande Diva
15 Put Em' on Ice Grande Diva, South Paw
16 Audition for Me (D-Boogie Mix) Dundee, Mr. Rob L, MCM, Big Spunk, Flip-A-100

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