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Juvenile Presents - Street Stories: UTP Playas & Skip

Juvenile Presents - Street Stories: UTP Playas & Skip

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2001
Area Code: 504
City: New Orleans
State: Louisiana
Tags: The Compilation, Live From Hollygrove

UTP Playas - The Compilation

  Track: Artist:
1 Intro UTP Playas
2 You Ready UTP Playas
3 You Want It ( We Got It) Solja Slim, Wacko, Godfather, Young Buck, Tara
4 I Just Want To You Juvenile, Wacko, Young Buck, Skip
5 Neck Gone UTP Playas
6 We Run This Skip, Corey Cee, Wacko
7 Died And Came Back Young Buck
8 Millionaire Dream Skip, Wacko
9 Ya'll In Trouble Lil Tee, Chilli, Tank, Young Buck, Brother Mohammed, Tara
10 Less Than A Playa UTP Playas
11 Streets Done Took Me Under UTP Playas
12 Don't Be Fucking Wit Me UTP Playas
13 Ride Juvenile, Skip, Corey Cee, Dre
14 Warn Em' UTP Playas
15 He Yo! Lower Level
16 I'm Dope Skip
17 Outro UTP Playas

Skip - Live From Hollygrove

  Track: Artist:
1 Intro Skip, Live Wire
2 Pimps-Players Skip, Corey Cee
3 Nigger What Skip, Young Buck, Wacko
4 Lap Top Skip, Juvenile
5 Let Me Skip, Wacko, Juvenile, Corey Cee
6 Black Robin Hood Skip
7 Big Thangs Skip, Young Buck, Wacko
8 Keep It Gangsta Skip, Young Buck, Wacko
9 Don't Fuck Wit'em Skip
10 Murder, Murder Skip
11 Broke & Lonely Skip, Billy Cook
12 Make It Happen Skip
13 Three Kids Skip
14 All Trapped In Skip, Wacko, Corey Cee
15 Strip Bitch Skip, Papa Rue
16 Wac And Skip Skip, Wacko
17 Git Got Skip
18 We Don't Play Skip, UTP Playas
19 Pimp-Players (Radio) Skip, Juvenile

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