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Tha 925az - The 925 AZ

Tha 925az - The 925 AZ

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2004
Record Label: F.A.M.E. Entertainment
Produced By: Playa Play, Teak Ortiz
Case Type: Double Jewel Case
Area Code: 925
City: East Bay
State: California
Tags: The 925az

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 No Fucking With The Bay Teak Ortiz, Spook D.R.D., Playa Play, Young Meezy
2 Lovin It Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious, Scheme
3 Let It Go Playa Play, Scheme
4 Hard Times Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious, Young Meezy
5 Ya'll Ain't Shit Scheme, Young Meezy, Playa Play, Teak Ortiz
6 Shake Fat We-We Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious, Playa Play
7 Beat First Teak Ortiz, JP, Playa Play, Spook D.R.D., Dre Drizzle, Young Meezy, Scheme
8 Fifteens Spook D.R.D., Playa Play, Teak Ortiz
9 The Dog Had His Day Teak Ortiz, Playa Play, Dre Drizzle, Young Meezy
10 The Last Thing Scheme, Teak Ortiz, Playa Play
11 Possession Deadly Weapon Teak Ortiz, Spook D.R.D.
12 At Least I Got Mine Playa Play
13 Clothes On The Floor Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious, Playa Play
14 D-O-G Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious
15 Think About It Teak Ortiz
16 Casa De La Sol The Old Dirty Men

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 It's Ya Boy Kwamdocious, Teak Ortiz, Playa Play
2 Ho Hunt Playa Play, Kwamdocious, Teak Ortiz
3 Show Time Teak Ortiz, Spook D.R.D., Young Meezy
4 Smuggin Keyz Teak Ortiz, Playa Play
5 Terminal Illness Teak Ortiz, Scheme, Playa Play
6 After The Club Kam-Murder, Playa Play, Scheme
7 Gechusm Teak Ortiz, Playa Play
8 Drunk & Horny Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious
9 Porno Liv'n Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious
10 Girls That Like Girls Kwamdocious, Teak Ortiz
11 We Ride Teak Ortiz, Kwamdocious, Star Diva
12 Pleez Kam-Murder, Ray-Mon, Playa Play, Scheme
13 Way 2 Real Teak Ortiz
14 Crybaby Kwamdocious, Teak Ortiz, Playa Play, Scheme
15 Bomb Doja Playa Play, Scheme, Young Meezy

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