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White Mic Presents - The Vegetable Adventures

White Mic Presents - The Vegetable Adventures

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2016
Record Label: Solidarity Records
Album Art By: Z-Man
No Barcode: Yes
Case Type: Quad Jewel Case
State: California

Disc 1: The Vegetable & The Ferret

  Track: Artist:
1 The Garden White Mic, Z-Man
2 Riff Raff White Mic, Z-Man, Akil
3 Slippen Away White Mic, Z-Man
4 Freestylin White Mic, Z-Man, Fluent
5 Name Droppers White Mic, Z-Man
6 We Did White Mic, Z-Man, Nim, Jules The Janitor
7 Bring It Back White Mic, Z-Man, Bored Stiff
8 Your Beautiful White Mic, Z-Man
9 Bonus Track White Mic, Z-Man, Equipto

Disc 2: The Vegetable & The Alien

  Track: Artist:
1 V&A White Mic, AgentStrikNine
2 That's Jupiter White Mic, AgentStrikNine, Self Jupiter
3 Like New White Mic, AgentStrikNine
4 Rocket Science White Mic, AgentStrikNine, CountBassD
5 Wavy Gravy Raps White Mic, AgentStrikNine, The Farmer
6 Self Destruction White Mic, AgentStrikNine, PitchBlackGold
7 We Conform White Mic, AgentStrikNine, Equipto, Word Up
8 Social Media White Mic, AgentStrikNine, Moka Only
9 We Outta Here White Mic, AgentStrikNine, MF Grimm
10 Martian MC's White Mic, AgentStrikNine, Lesk One, PW Esquire, Nim One, Dave Dub

Disc 3: The Vegetable & The Bandidos

  Track: Artist:
1 V&B White Mic, Deuce, Eclipse, Self Jupiter
2 Stompin Through The Jungle White Mic, Deuce
3 Welcome To The Village White Mic, Deuce, 2Mex
4 Rebel Girl White Mic, Deuce
5 Kidnapped White Mic, Deuce, Mr. Lif
6 Farmer tRAP White Mic, Deuce
7 Sweatshop White Mic, Deuce, Amani
8 Gun Store White Mic, Deuce, PitchBlackGold
9 The Nite B4 White Mic, Deuce, Gel Roc, One Be Lo, Equipto, Bambu
10 Roadblock White Mic, Deuce

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