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500 - Lets Go!!! Mixtape

500 - Lets Go!!! Mixtape

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2007
Record Label: Big Face Skrilla Entertainment
Produced By: Mr. China, Taliban Tone
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
State: California
Tags: Five Hunnet

  Track: Artist:
1 Intro Five Hunnet
2 We Goin Hard Five Hunnet, Mr. China, Tune
3 Money In Tha Ghetto Five Hunnet
4 Computer Luv Five Hunnet
5 Lets Goo Five Hunnet
6 Big Faces Five Hunnet, Mistah F.A.B.
7 Stackin Chips Five Hunnet, San Quinn, Goldtoes
8 Sittin High On A1 Five Hunnet
9 Parkin Lot Five Hunnet, The Team
10 Get Ya Money Daddy Five Hunnet, The Dirty Mackin Tribe, Philithy Rich, The Younglifaz
11 Shut It Down Five Hunnet, Lucy Mack, Mook Tha President, Chris Da 5th, Bavgate
12 Go Stupid Go Dumb Five Hunnet
13 I Got Em Five Hunnet, Taliban Tone, Cassius Clay, Walq
14 God, Money And Guns Five Hunnet, The Jacka, Taliban Tone, Fedda Relly
15 Suck Dick Five Hunnet
16 She Wanna Be My Girl Five Hunnet, Amir
17 Grindaz & Playaz Five Hunnet, Lexo
18 Van Luv Five Hunnet, Jhai
19 I'm On Five Hunnet
20 Cadillac Luv Five Hunnet, Lloyd
21 Get Ya Paper Five Hunnet, Guce
22 Outro Five Hunnet

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