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Mendo Dope - Planters Of The Trees

Mendo Dope - Planters Of The Trees

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2013
Record Label: Mendo Dope
Mastered By: K-Lou
Album Art By: KingSize Creations
Case Type: Clear Standard Jewel Case
State: California

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 Intro Riddin Mendo Dope
2 One Plant One Season Mendo Dope
3 Only Smoke Sensimilla Mendo Dope, Pato Banton
4 Love The Ganja Mendo Dope, Marlon Asher
5 Bridgin The Gap Mendo Dope, Ras Indio, Trevor Lyon
6 Planters Of The Trees Mendo Dope, Winstrong
7 Speaking Truths Mendo Dope, Prezident Brown, J-Ras
8 Tree Planter Riddin Mendo Dope
9 Outdoor vs. Indoor Mendo Dope
10 My Garden Mendo Dope, Winstrong
11 Your Burnin Mendo Dope, Squidly Cole
12 Ganjas Journey Mendo Dope
13 It's Just Weed Mendo Dope, DJ Ignite
14 Righteous Man Speaks Mendo Dope, Squidly Cole, Trevor Lyon
15 I'm From The Mountains Mendo Dope

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Reek Daddy (Intro) Reek Daddy
2 Ganja Farmer Mendo Dope, Trevor Lyon
3 Only Thing I Need Mendo Dope, Jah Works
4 Northern California Mendo Dope, Pistallion
5 Them Sayin Nothin Mendo Dope, Marlon Asher, Ras Indio, Trevor Lyon
6 I'ma Hip Hoppa Mendo Dope
7 Crazy Train Mendo Dope, Winstrong
8 Sticky Arm Hair Mendo Dope
9 Got Me Chokin Mendo Dope, DJ Ignite, Trevor Lyon
10 T.G.A Subcool Seeds Mendo Dope
11 Smokers And Planters Mendo Dope, Reek Daddy, Trevor Lyon
12 Informer Mendo Dope, Squidly Cole
13 Mary Jane Mendo Dope
14 Make It Blaze Mendo Dope, Ras Indio
15 101 Highway Mendo Dope, Najashiu, Winstrong
16 Cali Cheeze Quake Mendo Dope, Trevor Lyon, DJ Ignite
17 Beware Of The Raider Mendo Dope, Reek Daddy

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