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Mr. K - Laugh At Em

Mr. K - Laugh At Em

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Release Type: CD-R
Record Label: Double R's Custom Music
Produced By: Mike D
Album Art By: M&P Technologies
No Barcode: Yes
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
Area Code: 209
City: Stockton
State: California
Tags: COPS, C.O.P.S.

  Track: Artist:
1 M.T. Express Mr. K, Ski, Attitude, 1/2 Breed, Gumby, Mike D
2 Laugh At Em Mr. K, Gumby, Ski, 1/2 Breed
3 20 Sac Of Game Mr. K, Gumby, 1/2 Breed, Ski, D-Bone, Attitude
4 Wonder Y Mr. K, Attitude, Jeff H, Ski
5 Cold Game Mr. K, Gumby, 1/2 Breed, Ski, D-Bone, Attitude
6 Miss Lady Mr. K, 1/2 Breed, Ski, Mike D, Attitude
7 How Many Dues Mr. K, Attitude, Mostafah, Ski
8 Meal Ticket Luv Mr. K, Ski, Attitude, Mike D, Trigga Lon
9 Strange Thang Mr. K, Ski, Attitude, D-Bone, Gene, Jeff H
10 Meal Ticket Ridahz Mr. K, Attitude, Ski, Gumby, 1/2 Breed, Jeff H, Popcorn
11 Leave Em On The Street Where You Found Em Mr. K, Ski, Attitude, Jeff H, Gumby, 1/2 Breed

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