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Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 1997
Record Label: Loud Records, RCA Records
Distributed By: BMG Music
Produced By: Robert Diggs, Oli Grant, Mitchell Diggs, Dennis Coles
Album Art By: Designey
Catalog #: RCA 07863 66905-2
Bar Code: 078636690520
Matrix/Ring Code: W.O. 519129-1 (M) S.O. 07863669052-1
Case Type: Double Jewel Case
City: New York City
State: New York

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 Wu-Revolution Wu-Tang Clan, Poppa Wu, Uncle Pete
2 Reunited Wu-Tang Clan
3 For Heavens Sake Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna
4 Cash Still Rules-Scary Hours (Still Don't Nothing Move But The Money) Wu-Tang Clan
5 Visionz Wu-Tang Clan
6 As High As Wu-Tang Get Wu-Tang Clan
7 Severe Punishment Wu-Tang Clan
8 Older Gods Wu-Tang Clan
9 Maria Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna
10 A Better Tomorrow Wu-Tang Clan
11 It's Yourz Wu-Tang Clan
12 Data Track Wu-Tang Clan

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Intro Wu-Tang Clan
2 Triumph Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna
3 Impossible Wu-Tang Clan, Tekitha
4 Little Ghetto Boys Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna
5 Deadly Melody Wu-Tang Clan, Street Life
6 The City Wu-Tang Clan
7 The Projects Wu-Tang Clan
8 Bells Of War Wu-Tang Clan
9 The M.G.M. Wu-Tang Clan
10 Dog Shit Wu-Tang Clan
11 Duck Seazon Wu-Tang Clan
12 Hellz Wind Staff Wu-Tang Clan, Street Life
13 Heaterz Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna
14 Black Shampoo Wu-Tang Clan
15 Second Coming Wu-Tang Clan, Tekitha
16 The Closing Wu Tang Clan

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