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Roca Dolla - Roca Is A Classic

Roca Dolla - Roca Is A Classic

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Also Known As (A.K.A.): Mr. Iroc
Year: 2008
Record Label: 5Fith Coast Records
Produced By: Iroc Beats
Bar Code: 632043010823
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
Area Code: 602
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Tags: Mr Iroc

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 What Is A Classic Roca Dolla
2 Hands Up High Roca Dolla, S. Black, D1
3 Nothing To Lose Roca Dolla, Swin Tha Hardcore, Ace G, Willy Northpole, Price Capone
4 Ima Kill Em With This One Roca Dolla, Tray Gutter, Naomi
5 Show Me How You Get Down Roca Dolla, Bobcat, Eloni, Big Dame
6 Truck Turner Roca Dolla, Stat Quo
7 Kindness For Weakness Roca Dolla, Eloni
8 No Sleep In AZ Roca Dolla
9 Running Roca Dolla, Woodson, Graph
10 Nah Bruh Roca Dolla, Mella, C-Note, Bobcat, Rampage
11 Show U Roca Dolla
12 B4 and Afta Roca Dolla, Ciph, Asha
13 G.M.S. Roca Dolla, S. Black, Ace G
14 Can't Stop Roca Dolla, Graph
15 Mashed Potatoes Roca Dolla, Keion, Woodson, Allegra
16 Easy Roca Dolla, Lifted
17 Skit Roca Dolla
18 The Way I Feel Roca Dolla
19 Something Like Roca Dolla, Keion, S. Black, Allegra
20 Get Outta Here Roca Dolla, Nose, Big Dame, Graph

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Roca Is A Classic Roca Dolla, Ms. D, JR, UNeek
2 Legend In The Making Roca Dolla, AZ Mike Mill, P Thoro, Mege McVeigh
3 I Will I Won't Roca Dolla, Tray Gutter, Ocean
4 24 To life Roca Dolla, S. Black, Big Chipman, Nose
5 I Wanna Live Long Roca Dolla, Leo Da Don, Chilee Powdah, C-Thug, Freeze
6 Skit Roca Dolla
7 Something To Ride To Roca Dolla, Playa Hamm, Mark Dark, Paradise, A Ray
8 I Am Roca Dolla, Ms. D, Rye
9 A-State Roca Dolla, Low Low, Asha, C-Note
10 Swell Roca Dolla, S. Black, Jiggolo, Swindoe
11 Show U 4 Real Roca Dolla, Tray Gutter, A Rocka
12 Exit The Building Roca Dolla, Lo, Rampage
13 I Came Roca Dolla, S. Black
14 We Gon Find A Way Roca Dolla, Big Mike
15 You Never Met A Pimp Like Me Roca Dolla, Cinque
16 The World Is On My Shoulders Roca Dolla
17 Take Notes Roca Dolla, KT Kool, Ciph
18 Fuck The World Roca Dolla, Puba T, Pooch, Bobcat
19 Ima Do It Like This Roca Dolla, Bookie, Big Dame
20 Hottest By Far Roca Dolla, Rock House, Double R, AZ Ron, RTZ

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