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Yungstar - Throwed Yung Playa

Yungstar - Throwed Yung Playa

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2000
Record Label: Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Distributed By: EPIC Records
Album Art By: Pen & Pixel Graphics
Catalog #: EK 63544
Bar Code: 074646354421
Matrix/Ring Code: DIDP-099667 G4 1A 01
Case Type: Double Jewel Case

Yungstar- Throwed Yung Playa

  Track: Artist:
1 Intro Yungstar, DenDen
2 Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall Yungstar, Lil Flex
3 Ballin For Position Yungstar, C-Nile, Solo D
4 Got's 2 Be Everything Yungstar, Lil Flex, Lil James, DenDen, Solo
5 Yall Don't Know Yungstar, C-Nile, DenDen, Trey, Lil James
6 Grippin Grain Yungstar, Lil Flex, Kool-Aid, Lil James, Wood, Slikk Breeze
7 We Got Plex Yungstar, Wood, C-Nile, O.N.E., Lil Flex
8 Keep It Real Yungstar, Deep Threat, Lil Flex, O.N.E., Kool-Aid
9 I'm Still A Baller Yungstar, T-Pop, Slikk Breeze
10 Pimping Pens & Blessing Pads Yungstar, Grace, Solo-D, E-Clarke
11 Let's Get It Together Yungstar, Solo-D, T-Pop, Grace, Lil Flex, Kool, Aid, Slikk Breeze
12 Parlay & Sippin Yungstar, Grace, Solo-D, Los Luchano
13 Commercial Yungstar, J-Mac, DenDen
14 Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall (Remix) Yungstar, Lil Flex, Grace
15 Out Of Sight Out Of Mind Yungstar, Trey-D, O.N.E., Shorty-D, Lil Fee, Flex, Lil Rod-D

Bonus CD

  Track: Artist:
1 Who We Are Yungstar
2 The 3rd Coast... Yungstar
3 Blast Off Like A Rocket Yungstar
4 Cracks To Dats Yungstar
5 Ballin' Yungstar
6 Grippin Grain Yungstar
7 Ballin For Position Yungstar

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