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Duke & Crooked - Kill Them Slowly & Violence Solves Everything

Duke & Crooked - Kill Them Slowly & Violence Solves Everything

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2008
Record Label: Darkroom Records, Sumo Productions
Distributed By: City Hall Records
Bar Code: 793347906028
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
State: California

  Track: Artist:
1 I Fucking Hate You To Death You Son Of A Bitch Crooked
2 All You Know About Me Is What I Sold You Crooked
3 Represent My City Crooked, K.I.D., Mr. Sosa, Young D
4 Violence Solves Everything Crooked
5 Darkroom Savages Crooked, Sir Dyno, Oso
6 The Game Is Way Too Thick Crooked
7 '88 Vets Crooked, Duke, Sir Dyno
8 Uncut Bay Area Dope Crooked
9 East Bay Connection Crooked, J-Loc
10 Inside The Mind Of An Assassin Crooked
11 Killer Player Shit Crooked, Dub, K.I.D., Oso
12 Midgets Are Scary Crooked
13 Northern Cali Duke
14 Bitchez Be Scandlous Duke, J-Loc, Sapo
15 Hustlers Mobbin Duke, Nasty Nate
16 County Time Duke
17 How We Do This Duke, Crooked
18 Racial Profiling Duke
19 Retallion In Tha Worst Degree Duke, J-Loc, Mr. Sinatra
20 Mi Familia Duke, Sir Dyno, A.L.G., Oso
21 We Like It Shaved Duke
22 My Fuckin Life Duke
23 Kill Them Slowler Duke, Crooked, J-Loc
24 Pay Your Duez First Duke

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