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U.N.L.V. - The Return of U.N.L.V. Trend Setters

U.N.L.V. - The Return of U.N.L.V. Trend Setters

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Also Known As (A.K.A.): Uptown Niggas Living Violently
Year: 2001
Record Label: Blazing South Records Inc.
Album Art By: Silver Lining Marketing and Public Relations
Bar Code: 821307277120
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
Area Code: 504
City: New Orleans
State: Louisiana
Tags: UNLV

  Track: Artist:
1 OG Muddy Waters (Skit) U.N.L.V.
2 Yell'as Revenge U.N.L.V.
3 Don't Try It U.N.L.V.
4 Live Or Die U.N.L.V., Big Man
5 Bootie Bop U.N.L.V., Big Man
6 Hand Full Of Haters (House Full Of Players) U.N.L.V., Ricashay
7 Come On Tec 9
8 Do The Dam Thang U.N.L.V., Sinista
9 Rob Shop U.N.L.V.
10 Radipo Dial (Skit) U.N.L.V.
11 Return Of U.N.L.V. U.N.L.V.
12 Beefin Ain't A Thang U.N.L.V., Reapor
13 How We Live U.N.L.V., Lil Ya, D.H.
14 Uptown Hard Hitters U.N.L.V.
15 Giving It Back Lil Ya
16 Lost And Turned Out U.N.L.V.
17 Like U.N.L.V. U.N.L.V.
18 Blazed Out U.N.L.V.
19 Outro U.N.L.V.



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