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Atmosphere - Headshots: Se7en

Atmosphere - Headshots: Se7en

Genre: Hip-Hop
Category: CD
Also Known As (A.K.A.): Slug
Year: 2005
Record Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 Sep Seven Game Show Theme Atmosphere
2 Round And Round Atmosphere
3 Tracksmart Atmosphere, Mr. Gene Poole
4 Chokin On The Wishbone Atmosphere
5 The Jackpot-Swept Away Atmosphere
6 @ It Again Atmosphere
7 The Stick Up Atmosphere, Eyedea
8 Lyle Lovette Atmosphere
9 Higher Living Atmosphere
10 To The Break Of Sean Atmosphere
11 Deer Wolf Atmosphere
12 Molly Cool Atmosphere
13 Dungeons and Dragons Atmosphere, Musab
14 Anterlude Atmosphere
15 Advanced Communications Atmosphere
16 A Tall Seven And Seven Atmosphere
17 3.2 Red Dog Atmosphere
18 The Abusing Of The Rib Atmosphere
19 Write Now (Multiples No. 4) Atmosphere
20 I Wish Those Cats @ Phobia Would Give Me Some Free Shoes Atmosphere
21 Heart Atmosphere

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Industrial Warfare The Dynospectrum
2 Travel (Remix) Atmosphere
3 7th St. Entry Atmosphere
4 Sent Beyond (Musab), Slug
5 Multiples Reprise (Remix) Atmosphere
6 Funny Colors In My Mushroom Trails Sess. Slug
7 Fuck The Bullshit The Dynospectrum
8 Struggle Song The Dynospectrum
9 Dubs Beyond (Musab), Slug
10 Substance Abuse Atmosphere, Extreme

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