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Fresh Out - The Jacka

Fresh Out - The Jacka

Genre: Rap
Category: Digital
Album Art By: L-wood Media
Deceased (R.I.P.): R.I.P.
Area Code: 510
City: Pittsburg
State: California
Tags: Fresh Out, The Jacka, What Happened To The World (Tribute Album)

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 What's Happening World The Jacka
2 Million Miles The Jacka
3 The Jacka Blues The Jacka
4 This Is The Mob 4 Life The Jacka, San Quinn, Husalah, Messy Marv
5 Barney (More Crime) Remix The Jacka, Cormega, Rydah J. Klyde
6 Jacka Zip The Jacka
7 Everyday The Jacka
8 All We Do (Remix) The Jacka, Laroo, J. Stalin
9 Gang Starz The Jacka, A-One
10 Pigeon On T-Shirt The Jacka, Husalah
11 Go Cop Whateva The Jacka
12 California Gangsta The Jacka, Fed-X
13 Da Underworld The Jacka, B-Luv, Macke
14 From The Hood The Jacka, Traxamillion, Husalah, San Quinn
15 Mobbin The Jacka, Sleepy D, D-Lo
16 Turned Out (Action) The Jacka, Akata
17 Won't Be Right The Jacka, Cellski
18 Marshawn Lynch (Remix) The Jacka, Rick Ross, Mistah F.A.B., Shady Nate, The Pack
19 Tailor Made Mob Figaz
20 Trap House The Jacka, Berner, Don Toriano, Goldtoes
21 Goin 4 Blood The Jacka, AP.9, Husalah
22 Devilz Rejectz The Jacka, Ampichino

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Money The Jacka, Husalah
2 Glamorous Lifestyle The Jacka, Andre Nickatina
3 A Gangsta's Gangsta The Jacka
4 Dope The Jacka, 12 Gauge Shotie
5 Slap the 55 Round The Jacka
6 M.O.B. The Jacka, Smigg Dirtee, Mobb Deep
7 Been Awhile Dubb 20, Husalah
8 Knockin Niggas Off The Jacka
9 Real Niggaz The Jacka, Lenox, Dojah
10 Real Niggaz Mob Figaz, C-Bo
11 Mob Shit The Jacka, Pimp Pooh, Laz the Boy, Peezy
12 Can't Loose Again The Jacka, Laroo, Big Brim, Boo Banga
13 My Middle Name Is Crime The Jacka, Andre Nickatina
14 Mafia The Jacka, Big Hollis
15 Move Mean The Jacka, Young Lean
16 Angel Dust The Jacka, Joe Blow, Reign
17 Aspen The Jacka
18 Storm The Jacka, Cormega
19 Mob Reflections Joe Blow
20 Better Than All The Rest The Jacka
21 Snowflake The Jacka, Evangillest
22 Sunnah Boys The Jacka, Freeway, Killer Mike

Disc 3

  Track: Artist:
1 It's The Jack The Jacka
2 Boomin System The Jacka, Bo Strangles
3 Ridin High The Jacka, Joe Blow, Berner, Fam Syrk
4 This Is For The Jacka, Yukmouth, Pretty Black
5 Dancefloor The Jacka, WOK
6 Freestyle The Jacka, Husalah
7 Funk The Jacka, Messy Marv, Dubee
8 Tonite The Jacka, Laroo, Lee Majors, Matt Blaque
9 Poed Up The Jacka, Lee Majors
10 On Methazine The Jacka
11 Cocaine The Jacka, Husalah, Keak Da Sneak, Lee Majors, Messy Marv, Fed-X, Yukmouth, G-Stack, Dru Down, Rahmean, Cellski
12 Couldn't Be A Better Player The Jacka, Lil Rue, Joe Blow
13 So Fly The Jacka, Yay Boyz, Cellski, Trill Real
14 Daddy The Jacka, Husalah, Mac Dre
15 Mac Hand The Jacka
16 Girls Say The Jacka
17 Cuz I'm the Mack The Jacka
18 Our Heroes The Jacka, Dubb 20, J. Stalin
19 Where Do We Go From Here The Jacka, I-Rocc, Nilaja
20 Remember Me Street Knowledge
21 I Want It All The Jacka, Lace Leno
22 See It Thru The Jacka, Kae-1, Ampichino

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