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Fat Jack - Cater To The DJ

Fat Jack - Cater To The DJ

Genre: Hip-Hop
Category: CD
Year: 1999

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 Y'know What I'm Saying Fat Jack
2 We Like Breakbeats The A Team
3 Gimme Five Feet Aceyalone
4 I'm Khule Rifleman Ellay Khule
5 Life or Death Busdriver
6 You Wanna What? Trend
7 Real Ghetto Soldiers R.E.A.L.
8 I Don't Gang Bang P.E.A.C.E.
9 Bill Rick Konvick
10 Hooray!! Volume "Big Tension"
11 Sixteen Cents Otherwize
12 For The Love of Hip Hop Smooth 7
13 I'll Put You On Jizzm High Definition
14 Too Bad Interlude Minister Too Bad
15 Demo Stage Minister Too Bad
16 OOH Sha Sha Abstract Rude + Tribe Unique
17 The Pure Jayne Doe The Oracle
18 Counter Cloudwise O.M.D.
19 For Me? Awol One
20 How We Become One Medusa

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Cater To The DJ Fat Jack
2 How Many? Fat Jack
3 Its A Packed House Fat Jack
4 Loking For Something Fat Jack
5 Scud Missle Fat Jack
6 Mine Fields Fat Jack
7 Daddy The Elephant Fat Jack
8 Golden Mic Fat Jack
9 Drive Safe Fat Jack
10 I Had Flow From The Git Go Fat Jack
11 Everyday MC Work Fat Jack
12 A Wize Mans Advice Fat Jack
13 Yo Attitude Shows Fat Jack
14 Rudeboy Represents Fat Jack
15 Wrong MC Fat Jack
16 Lies Lies And More Lies Fat Jack
17 Hip-Hop Life Fat Jack
18 I Wonder Fat Jack
19 Affirmations Of Life Fat Jack

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