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A-Wax - Who Got It?!

A-Wax - Who Got It?!

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2002
Record Label: Big Trees Entertainment
Album Art By: Photo Doctor Graphics
Catalog #: 0420-2
Bar Code: 827024042027
Case Type: Standard Jewel Case
Area Code: 925
City: Pittsburg
State: California

  Track: Artist:
1 Suckaz Husalah, The Jacka, XO, Nell
2 23 & 1 A-Wax, King Freak-O, The Jacka
3 U Fake A-Wax
4 Criminal Hollow Tip
5 The Drought Thugg Syndicate, Nitrous
6 I'm Like... Lil Ric
7 Da Block Loced Out
8 Pimp On A-Wax, Breadleon Tha Go Getta
9 Who Got It?! A-Wax, Messy Marv, Cellski
10 Sole Silhouette A-Wax
11 Cold World Breadleon Tha Go Getta
12 Tha Steel The Jacka, Laze, Lil Ric
13 Stormy Weather L.O.C., Ya Hyniss, Assassione, Black C
14 New Toyz A-Wax, Mac, A.K.
15 Tha Board The B.O.K.
16 Memoriez A-Wax, Loced Out
17 Whats Tha Use Dub, Uzi, Smash Unit
18 L.G. A-Wax, B-12, Dutch

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