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Tact Out Muzik Presents - B.A.R.T To The 91Siccness

Tact Out Muzik Presents - B.A.R.T To The 91Siccness

Genre: Rap
Category: CD
Year: 2003
Record Label: Tact Out Muzic
Album Art By: Crack Or Jack Graphics
Bar Code: 603993916626
Case Type: Double Jewel Case
State: California

Disc 1

  Track: Artist:
1 Get Crept On C-Lim, Main 1, J-Locc, Jaz, Playa Rae
2 You Dont Know Me Dutch
3 Highly Anticipated Errelevant
4 Gotta Touch'Em King Czar, Ammunition
5 Thugged Out Mr.Kee, J-Locc, Jiggalo
6 Tree Theory A-Wax
7 Do As I Do Nasty Nate, Mr.Kee, Shady Shay
8 Keep It Gangsta Mista Cane
9 All Day Long Mr. Bilistic, Kim Overstreet
10 A Playaz Theme Decoy, Mac Nab
11 Natural Born Playaz JT The Bigga Figga, Iced Out, Otis & Shugg
12 Never Be Famous Mr. Sche, Immortal Lowlife
13 Felenious Behavior Mac, A.K.
14 Thug Thang Pice-1, J-Locc, Main 1, Double O'Sick, Young OH, C-Lim
15 Bay Area Knock Baller B, C.J Smooth, P-Dog
16 My Entourage E-Money, 1/4 Spoon, D-Mac, Mr.Chu, Offical
17 Throw Ya Hands Up J-Locc, Jenro, Cucizy
18 Trippin Witta 44 Black Madness
19 Natural NRD, Tray Sev
20 Our Thang Nocturnal Hustlers
21 Money And Game Game Insane
22 Game Theory Sydal

Disc 2

  Track: Artist:
1 Pure Playaz 2k3 Killa Kraze, Suicide, Main 1, K-9, J-Locc, T.C., Riko Loko
2 Reality Bites Arsen
3 Makin Moves Laroo, Deebo
4 Line'em Up J-Bone, Sdickpen Da Kingpen
5 Deal With It Mr. Kee, LSD, Sicflow
6 What You Do This 4 Dubble Negative, Chuck Chuey
7 Cali Raised Lil Menace, Riko Loko, Main 1
8 Dumpin Somethin Sicc Sac-Sin, Yun-Gun
9 Theme Music To Drug Dealins & Killins ADR, RJ, Tac, Dretti
10 206 Ways Syko, J-Dub
11 Supa Sucka Killaz Gangsta Reese, Mac Pacino, Doggmatik
12 Calm, Cool, Collective Robz, C-Note, Mr. Silverado
13 All The Same Vic Vodka, Mexi, Amanda Lee
14 Best Coast Kaoz The Assassin
15 Bringin Heat J-Locc, Blac, Hollow Tip, O.Z, Jiggalo, Jaz
16 Reprezentin Young Life
17 Money Hungry B.D. Brazy J, J-Dub, Suga T
18 In Time For War Blac, Young Droop
19 Northern Cali Woodie, Shadow
20 Getting Dough Legally Insane, V-Boy, Unafeyed Souljahz
21 Side Show Caprice, Keak Da Sneak, Holy Quarn, Black Mike, 20 Sack, Mustafa
22 What Ya Livin 4 San Quinn, Jiggalo & Momey Hungry

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