$50,000 Reward For Info About The Murder Of 2Pac

Here is a reward poster issued by the city of Las Vegas for information on the murder of Tupac Shakur. If you have a tip that leads to the arrest of the persons responsible for this crime you could be $50K richer!

Tupac Reward Poster

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5 Responses to $50,000 Reward For Info About The Murder Of 2Pac

  1. Myname is susie c sluyter i live in missouri in a very small town and i am what they call a spiritual empath but for the most part a devout christian woman in 2015 i had an accidental overdose on a medication that i was allergic to unbenounced to me and my heart stopped and i died but was ressusitated i was in the hospital for 5 days and when i came out of my somewhat coma i had information regarding tupacs death.Music has always been the center of my life and i have been compeled to let someone know the information that was given to me at that time.A person who loves music like me could maybey connect the dots but i know who was involved for real.tupacs spirit was with me at that time and im telling you he is wanting this resolved.I am a huge fan of hip hop music and im not interested in the money but for justice I am living in a domestic violence sheler as of now and since my experience with overcoming death itself i am given information at different times and its time i get this information out.If you are interested or the family is you can get in touch with me anytime.It would help me and others as well it is my christian duty.Thank you my contact number is 573 346 9630 cadv

  2. Robert E says:

    A a kid couldn’t sleep because one night he remembered tupac rushed him pressed him. the kid got 16years. Old when he remembered and though about that night what if I kid ran in the street or tupac could of had a car to hit him when running off.?? The kid was having it. So it was on revenge and retaliation. Real life

  3. Milton Guilliam III says:

    Just solved the murder check milton guilliam iii Facebook

  4. Ivan Law says:

    Who Killed Pac and Biggie? were they assassinated, if so why? Who are the men who benefited from the assassination of Pac And Biggie? Why Was Eazy E murdered? Was Eazy E Dr. Dre first contract hit?
    Did Dr Dre And Ice Cube kill Pac And Biggie, So That Dr Dre could Maintain control over the sound of hip hop? #2Pac #Biggie #unsolved #Tupac all Of The swag comes From Real Hood Cats. Straight out Of Compton, Is 1980s Gang Slang, Everything Is a product Of Easy e. Eazy.

    Did Dr Dre Order The Hits On Eazy? Did Dr Dre and Ice Cube Order The Hits On 2Pac And Biggie? Why Have Dr Dre and Ice cube never been investigated? Is Dr Dre An active Serial Killer? Did Dr Dre Plagiarize his music career?


  5. James mcduff says:

    I think that will smith had biggie killed to try and frame Tupac because he hated him because his wife jada truly loved Tupac and he felt as if he could never be the man that Tupac was and it ate him up on the inside. And when that didn’t work he then had Tupac killed

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