Fresh Out Volume Eight


L-wood Media is at it again with their latest drop of the Fresh Out series. As always, this is a completely FREE digital release exclusively available for you here on Rap Music Guide.

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Fresh Out Volume Eight: Disc One

  1. Blue Hunnids feat. Kool John, P-Lo
  2. Redlight feat. Beastbruh, Heat, PC
  3. Sactown Royalty feat. Julian Rothchild, Jeremy Loves, Fildabos
  4. Knockz feat. 6Hunnit BJ, HD
  5. Tio feat. A-One, Boom, Tmac
  6. Cali Livin feat. Fe Tha Don, Shady Nate
  7. Player Days feat. Nikatine Da King
  8. Locked In Part 2 feat. Lil Blood, HD, Lil Rod, Skrew, Lil E, Twin, AB Hogish, Getta Dro, Boski, Nell, Scoot
  9. Go All The Way In feat. Dubb 20, Bo Strangles, C.O.
  10. Smoking With My Bad Bitch feat. J. Stalin, Ronald Mack
  11. Bad Habits feat. Joe Blow, Stevie Joe, Guce
  12. Loaded feat. B-Legit, Ted DeGTL, Taj-He-Spitz, Ocky Ocky
  13. I Got It feat. Cellski, HD
  14. Step On My Toes feat. Lil June, Young Mezzy, Sleepy D, Mistah E
  15. Sun Tzu Them feat. DB Tha General
  16. Syrup Music feat. SB Shmack, Lil Croppi, SB Meech
  17. Deep N Dis Game feat. Ampichino, Killa Tay
  18. On My Grind feat. G Maly, Kingpin
  19. EM5 Leak feat. HD
  20. The Sruggle feat. Joe Blow
  21. Get You High feat. Berner, B-Real
  22. Shmoplife Made feat. Ooty Ooo, Kool John

Fresh Out Volume Eight: Disc Two

  1. Miss My Nigga feat. Mitchy Slick
  2. RIP Jacka feat. Joe Blow
  3. Let This Song Cry feat. AP.9
  4. Ocean feat. Killa Tay, Jacka, Jay Tunes
  5. On It feat. Roach Gigz
  6. Rest In Peace To The Jacka feat. A-Wax
  7. Still I Ride feat. Berner
  8. Jacka Tribute feat. B-Dollaz
  9. WHTTW feat. Jodi Jo
  10. New Mobb feat. J-Racks, Micky Mike, Bobbii Lii
  11. Who Do I Call feat. Ampichino
  12. Escaping The Dunya feat. A-One, Husalah, Freeway
  13. Jack In Me feat. Lil AJ, Boo Banga, Hyfe Deniro
  14. Da Mack feat. Joe Blow


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