Chef Flavor Flav’s Secret Fried Chicken Recipe

Flavor 01 Chef Flavor Flavs Secret Fried Chicken Recipe

Flavor Flav is at it again! This time he’s cooking with fire showing off his fried chicken cooking skills live at KVVU-TV in Las Vegas, NV. Rap Music Guide would like to thank John Finn for capturing the master at work, and allowing us to share it with our readers in such stunning high definition.

Considered a rapper to most, and a television star to others, we will always remember Flavor Flav as a member of the controversial rap group Public Enemy. If you’re not familiar with where Flavor Flav got his big break, you better check out Public Enemy’s first release titled Yo! Bum Rush The Show released in 1987 on Def Jam Records.

So here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Get your pencil and paper ready for chef Flavor Flav’s secret fried chicken recipe!

Flavor 05 Chef Flavor Flavs Secret Fried Chicken Recipe

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