Be Gee The Postcard 95822 Misprint

Misprints and misspellings account for only a small number of rap albums, but when they do happen, they’re rarely leaked into the market. Recently Rap Music Guide found a Be Gee album titled The Postcard 95822 that made it through the cracks. If you look at the spine, the artists name “Be Gee” is misspelled as “Ben Gee”. Then it was even changed and re-released as “Bee Gee” (Woops!) I’m sure Be Gee’s graphic artists got an earful for this mistake!

If you’re not familiar with Be Gee, he released his first first solo album titled “Ya Gotta B.G.” in 1993. During that year he that sold enough copies to place him as one of Sacramento’s top selling underground rap artists. While continuing to do local rap shows and perform at parties, Be Gee released his second album “BlackGorillaMila Tactics” in 1996. Since then he’s appeared on numerous compilations and solo albums, such as Leaving The Life featuring Brotha Lynch, Loki & First Degree The D.E. Be Gee’s latest album titled Still Gotta B.G. was released in 2011 and is available at CDBaby.

Be Gee The Postcard 95822 (Misprint)Be Gee The Postcard 95822 (Re-Release)Be Gee The Postcard 95822 (OG 1st Press)

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