E-40: Yay Game

DJ Matthew Africa out of Oakland, CA just released a dope E-40 mix that is totally free, so check it out by downloading it here! E-40 – Yay Game

For this “Best of” E-40 mix, Matthew Africa meticulously selected classic tracks, sequencing and mixing each song to put together the best possible representation of the artist they call Forty Water aka Mr. Flamboyant.

By cleverly choosing forty songs from all eras of E-40’s career, ranging from his albums in the 1990’s such as “Let’s Side” & “Down and Dirty“, to his current single “Function“, this has got to be one of the best E-40 mixes we’ve heard in while.

We all know that E-40’s catalog is so vast that picking just forty songs is incredibly tough, but with a everything from mob slumpers and album sleepers to radio and club hits, this mix does him the justice he deserves.

If you enjoy this mix, be sure to pick up E-40’s three new albums titled The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 1, 2 & 3!

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6 Responses to E-40: Yay Game

  1. R8R says:

    Matthew did it again! This mix can relate to peeps of all ages. If you never heard of E-40, 10 mins of this mix will have you wanting more. Great work here!

  2. L-wood says:

    Thank you DJ Matthew Africa for putting this one out there. Damn near breaking my neck over here! Put his name in the search and you’ll find another good one he released for Too Short a few years back.

  3. Michael Brown says:

    Might listen to this if I have time.

  4. MURDERGHOST says:

    Bad Ass… !!! Thanks for sharing this mix!!!

    • SDDGITurtle OakTown Snappers says:

      MadMadMad MIx this is the Bloop great to BBQ and listen too MMAD MIx
      Matthew Africa Mad mix

  5. big t says:

    this here is the wen floin is knowin feel the click rockin this club nubian

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