Fresh Out Special Edition NhT Boyz

Fresh Out - NhT-BoyzFresh Out is back again with a double dose of dope from the Oakland rap trio NhT Boyz!

Born & raised in East Oakland CA, the NhT Boyz are the last of a dying breed. Their music can be best described as lyrically aggressive & progressive with a carefree party element. Influenced by groundbreaking groups such as: The Geto Boyz, N.W.A & Three Six Mafia these men are on the rise.

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The Fresh Out series sample the latest underground rap resonating from the streets of northern California. Past volumes, 1 through 6, along and special HBK Gang & HD of Bearfaced editions are all listed with free download links here on Rap Music Guide. Feel free to share them with your friends and followers on social media, e-mail and word of mouth.

For those of you not familiar with R8R & L-wood, they have been releasing a series of classic albums segmenting California rappers in specific geographic areas for years, with such releases as; SFC: Sucka Free Classics, SAC: Nine One Classix, & East Bay Classics. Along with other various mixes the duo has a 4 disc mix compiled from cassette released material titled Northern California Trunk Tape Resurrection.

Fresh Out – NhT Boyz: Disc One

  1. O.A.K.L.A.N.D. – NhT Boyz
  2. Fuckin’ Ya Bitch – NhT Boyz
  3. 6 In the Morning – NhT Boyz
  4. On My Grind – NhT Boyz
  5. Won’t Shoot – NhT Boyz
  6. Big Money – NhT Boyz, Jacka
  7. YP196 Yangology – NhT Boyz
  8. It’s Nothing – NhT Boyz, Young Bari
  9. Like A Coke High – NhT Boyz, TBHM, Young Beast
  10. No New Ni99as – NhT Boyz
  11. Countin’ Ca$h – NhT Boyz, Killa
  12. Yang On Em – NhT Boyz
  13. We Don’t – NhT Boyz, TBHM
  14. @nhtboyz – NhT Boyz
  15. Slidin’ – NhT Boyz
  16. Burn Slow – NhT Boyz, Winstrong
  17. Ridin’ – NhT Boyz
  18. Clownin’ – NhT Boyz, Damey
  19. 3 Man Weave – NhT Boyz
  20. Our Story – NhT Boyz, Da Blocknocs

Fresh Out – NhT Boyz: Disc Two

  1. MCA – NhT Boyz
  2. I Like – NhT Boyz, RGLND
  3. DJ – NhT Boyz
  4. Dippin’ – NhT Boyz, Shooty Mac
  5. Murder Rate – NhT Boyz
  6. From The Hood – NhT Boyz
  7. Yang Been Str8 – NhT Boyz
  8. Sorry I Made It – NhT Boyz, Young Gully
  9. Grown Up – NhT Boyz
  10. Kingpins – NhT Boyz
  11. New Age – NhT Boyz, TBHM
  12. Above It All – NhT Boyz, Young Beast
  13. ‘Da King’ Freestyle – NhT Boyz
  14. Freaky Tales – NhT Boyz
  15. Yang Story – NhT Boyz
  16. Yang Yang – NhT Boyz, Street Knowledge, SB Shmack
  17. Money Under the Mattress – NhT Boyz
  18. Introduction – NhT Boyz
  19. NhT Bitch – NhT Boyz, Young Beast
  20. Where I’m From – NhT Boyz

Fresh Out - NhT Boyz tracklist

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