Too Much Trouble aka The Baby Geto Boys

After the commercial success of the Geto Boys in the early 1990s, many Houston based rap groups quickly emerged from the underground scene and were signed to the Rap-A-Lot Records label by James Prince. This movement formed a small allegiance among the rap label that came to be known as the Fifth Ward Circle. Among the many groups that were signed, one was the three-piece rap group called Too Much Trouble, also known as the Baby Geto Boys.

Just as the Geto Boys, Too Much Trouble featured a midget in the posse by the name of Bar-None. Some people seen this as Rap-A-Lot Record’s answer to the Geto Boy’s Bushwick Bill, the difference being that Bar-None was white and slightly shorter than Bushwick Bill. Here is a promotional photo we dug up of Too Much Trouble. The same guns seen here can be found on the cover of their 1992 album Bringing Hell On Earth.

Too Much Trouble

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