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Rap-A-Lot Records: Geto Boys, Convicts & O.G. Style

Here is a full page promo by Rap-A-Lot Records from 1991. This one is for the Geto Boys, Convicts & O.G. Style albums, which were all released just a couple months apart from each other.

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Devin the Dude Houston Chronic

Devin the Dude is from Houston, Texas and is best known for his unique rapping style in addition to his long career as an artist signed to Rap-A-Lot Records. The advertisement below is from 1998 and promotes Devin’s very first … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the Geto Boys

Believe it or not, this is actually an advertisement for Sound Arts Recording Studio in Houston, Texas. Their marketing technique was placing these ads in rap magazines, not only to congratulate the Geto Boys for their Gold LP “We Can’t … Continue reading

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Yukmouth Press Photo

Yukmouth is from East Oakland, California and launched his career as part of the multi-platinum group the Luniz. Yukmouth is also the founder of The Regime, Smoke-A-Lot Records and Godzilla Entertainment. We dug up a promotional photo of Yukmouth before … Continue reading

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O.G. Style I Know How To Play ‘Em!

Eric Woods was a rapper from Houston, Texas who began his career in 1986 as Prince Ezzy-E. In 1989, Woods changed his name to Original E after meeting producer DJ Big Boss. Together they formed the rap group O.G. Style … Continue reading

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Geto Boys Grip It! On That Other Level Original vs Re-Release

The original Ghetto Boys first consisted of Raheem, The Sire Jukebox, and Sir Rap-A-Lot. When Raheem and Sir Rap-A-Lot left the group, the label added DJ Ready Red, Prince Johnny C, and Bushwick Bill. After receiving very little attention, James … Continue reading

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Too Much Trouble aka The Baby Geto Boys

After the commercial success of the Geto Boys in the early 1990s, many Houston based rap groups quickly emerged from the underground scene and were signed to the Rap-A-Lot Records label by James Prince. This movement formed a small allegiance … Continue reading

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