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Step your rap game up and help spread the news about Rap Music Guide by “Liking Us” on Facebook. Also don’t forget to hit the like button on our individual posts. Browsing is just one way to find out about rare and out of print rap music, but now we can post and share rare albums right to our Facebook wall. Once you like our page, you’ll be able to receive status updates with all of the latest Rap Music Guide news and recent additions, along with information about special events, shows and promotions. What’s even better is that you can join in on discussions with other rap music collectors and rappers while share interesting information of your own.

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3 Responses to Listen To Rap Music? Then Like Us On Facebook!

  1. John Alvarez says:

    Already “liked” the page on fb, and even shared it a few times. I’ll keep posting it up to get the word out for ya’ll.

    – John

  2. John Alvarez says:

    Fa sho! Much luv, mayn! Best rap source on the whole damn net!!

    – Mexicalian82 ( forums)

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