Mac Dre & The Romper Room Gang: BET’s American Gangster

The Mac may have been first, but the undisputed king of the Crestside (Vallejo, CA) for more than a decade was Andre Hicks, better known as Mac Dre, a pioneer of Bay Area independent rap who scored his first underground hit in 1989 with “Too Hard For Da Fuckin Radio.” Mac Dre was a prolific artist and the original founder of Thizz Entertainment & Romp Records. With more than 10 solo albums 34-year-old Mac Dre was more popular than ever when he was murdered on November 1st, 2004 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rap Music Guide would like to thank to BET’s American Gangster & the directors DJ Vlad & David Wilson for bringing to life the story of Mac Dre and his infamous Romper Room Gang. So kick back, relax and enjoy this chilling documentary involving rap, money & murder.

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4 Responses to Mac Dre & The Romper Room Gang: BET’s American Gangster

  1. R8R says:

    As a teenager I remember getting the news at the record store that MD had been incarcerated. He had a huge buzz at the time. How real was Dre though, never told on anybody. Accepted the sentence and kept it movin.

  2. L-wood says:

    Damn good post. Worth the time if you’ve got 40 mins. RIP Andre Hicks.

  3. John Alvarez says:

    I seen this a while ago. Very good watch. Thanks for posting it up.

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