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The West Bank of New Orleans, LA has brought us some very talented rappers over the years. Recently we uncovered some old school glossy promotional photos for a few of the early acts out of the NOLA that we thought you might enjoy. The photos below are of the Lower Level Organization, Dog House Posse, Ruthless Juveniles, and Death, a member of the Ruthless Juveniles. All of the artists released albums on Mobo Records, a West Bank label home to some of the darkest gangster rap and gangsta bounce from New Orleans at the time.

In 1992 “Mobo” Joe Paynes started the label Mobo Records out of his West Bank Expressway record shop. What made Mobo Records more unique than any other label from New Orleans during that time was the line up of gangster rap albums such as Dog House Posse “Dope Gets No Heavier”, Lower Level Organization “Wanted By Five-O Feared By Most”, Ruthless Juveniles “Hard As Tha Fuck”, and Death “Possessed By The Ouija Board”. Behind all of the releases was Ivory Joe Paynes (aka Mobo Joe) backed up by his vice president Kenneth M. Taylor. Mobo Joe rapped on a few of the albums and handled some production, although most of the music was handled by Death of the Ruthless Juveniles.

The label eventually fell into obscurity in the early 2000s because the president Ivory Joe Paynes was arrested, and ended up doing time in federal prison. When Mobo Joe was eventually released from prison he released his first solo album in 2004 titled Federalli.

To find out more about the history of Mobo Joe Records and his entire catalog of New Orleans rap albums, read the article titled West Bank’s Finest.

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5 Responses to Mobo Records Promotional Photos

  1. R8R says:

    I 1st stumbled across the Dog House posse wondering if it was at all related to Daz & Kurupt. Wish I still had my CD.

  2. DJ Remarkable says:

    Those are dope! Would be cool to see a “Photos” or “Posters/Flyers” section on the site some day

  3. Michael Brown says:

    @DJ Remarkable Very great idea!

  4. bboy cult says:

    this shit is sick! i havent heard the music, but the visuals take me back to them times of going down south as a youth n seeing that those dudes wasnt as backwards as dudes who never left the city thought they were. i met some real gees out in the sticks, who was thoro and played by the rules. the visuals remond me of them times.

    and i dont care what nobody say… the classics are the classics! fuck all that Bentley shit… that Regal is clean!

  5. GC says:

    DHP was the best! Whatever happened to those guys? I can’t find any info on them at all, not even their names. Did they put anything out after Dope Gets No Heavier?

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